May 14, 2022

8 Moments Disney Hates In Their Own Movies

From the birth of the small Disney studio in 1923 carried by its mascot Mickey Mouse, to the entertainment empire it is today, there has been a long way. Takeovers of studios, controversies, but above all, more than 120 films brought to the screen and now streaming on its SVOD Disney + platform.

With this list of feature films as long as your arm, certain scenes have sometimes provoked the ire of spectators, while others have simply been cut during editing. But beyond certain controversial passages, it happened that the creator himself, Walt Disney, hated certain scenes, certain characters, even his own films. Here are 8 facts.

#1 The aesthetics of 101 Dalmatians

If the film is the first to have used xerography, which is a technique allowing to reproduce elements in unlimited number, thus making it possible to transpose on the screen all the puppies, its style did not please Walt Disney. Considered too “scribbled”, the film’s aesthetic was strongly criticized by Walt, saying in the book Before the Animation Begins : The Art and Lives of Disney Inspirational Sketch Artists that he didn’t want”never have one of those damn things again“.

#2 Pollyanna

Released in 1960, Pollyanna tells the story of an orphan who arrives in the small town of Harrington to live with her wealthy aunt, Polly Harrington. In live action, the film is far from being the best known of the firm with big ears. His title, moreover, did not please the founder of the firm, deeming it too soft for success with male audiences.

#3 DIngo

A cult character in the Disney universe, Goofy is one of the oldest, along with Donald, Daisy, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, with whom he formed the Sensational Six. However, if he is a flagship mascot of the studio, and one of the most important representatives, Walt Disney never liked the character, deeming him too clumsy, and claiming he represented a step backwards for the studio.

#4 the iconic spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp

The Lady and the Tramp would be nothing, or almost, without its mythical and romantic spaghetti scene. Yet this cult scene almost never saw the light of day. Indeed, Disney did not want it to be integrated during the presentation of the script. According to him, the latter seemed ridiculous for the simple reason that animals do not share food, but fight for it. Finally, he will validate the idea by seeing the animated scene.

#5 Alice in Wonderland

resolutely cult, Alice in Wonderland is a Disney classic, so much so that it was remade in live action by Tim Burton in 2010. But when the original cartoon was released in 1951, critics criticized it for its lack of a script, and Alice’s personality. Walt Disney later validated what the press said in Leonard Maltin’s book: The Disney Films, admitting that he too has never been able to grasp the character of his heroine.

But more, it is all the feature film with psychedelic accents that the creator of the firm did not appreciate. Years after the film’s failure at the box office, he tried to distance himself from the project claiming that he never wanted to do it. A form of unassumed kinship. Cruel Walt?

#6 Peter Pan personality

Yes the movies Peter Pan is adored for the universe of its imaginary country and its atmosphere, Disney hardly appreciated its main character, finding him cold and lacking in empathy, as author Bob Thomas reports in his biography Walt Disney : An American Original.

#7 The fairies of sleeping beauty

3 in number, the fairies of The Sleeping Beauty were originally to be seven in number, like the dwarfs in Snow White, Walt Disney even wanted them all to look alike. Finally, although unconvinced, he decided to accept the proposal of his leaders to reduce the number to three, because it was more “exciting”.

#8 Sequels to the original films

Why wasn’t there a sequel to a cult cartoon from the big-eared firm for a long time? Because Walt himself was resistant to this idea, judging that a continuation of a project was not worth it since there is nothing new to bring. We had to wait until 1990 and Bernard and Bianca in kangaroo country, continuation of Adventures of Bernard and Bianca, to see the first official sequel to a Disney.