May 12, 2022

5 super funny movies to watch this weekend on Netflix

Do you want to spend a superb evening of laughter alone or accompanied? Streaming giant Netflix is ​​putting a major ingredient At your disposal. Indeed, it offers an excellent catalog of comedies of all genres. The choice is so wide that you could end up getting lost.

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Luckily, we have an excellent list of funny programs to discover tonight with the juggernaut of the SVoD universe. Focus on 5 original comedies available on Netflix!

1. How to get dumped in 10 lessons




Andélie Anderson (played by Kate Hudson) is a beautiful and talented journalist. To climb the ladder in the fashionable magazine Composure where she works, she is asked by her editor-in-chief to lead a professional experience that is delirious to say the least.

She must produce a documented personal account of How to make a love affair fall apart in ten days. Andélie makes the seductive Benjamin Barry (played by Matthew McConaughey) her target.

She has a period of 10 days to accumulate all possible blunders in order to scare the gentleman away. The irony of this comedy: Benjamin Barry made the opposite bet. He must also, for professional reasons, seduce the journalist and make her fall in love.

These adventures and stratagems finally make it possible to live an intense love story with scenes full of originality. Discover this film full of humor and sensations.

2. Max the Threat




Steve Carell plays Maxwell Smart dance Max the threat. This analyst from an ultra-secret agency has always dreamed of working in the field in contact with the action. It will be well served with a wave of attacks aimed at agency workers spread across the four corners of the globe.

He then engages in a comical and trying adventure with the formidable agent 99 played by Anne Hathaway. This shock duo has the mission to fight a terrorist organization!

3. Sexify: a comedy on Netflix




If you are looking for an ambitious, original and funny Polish series, you should probably try Sexify. This series features young college student Natalia who must create a particular sex app to win a computer contest.

For the design of this jewel which should increase the female orgasm, the young inexperienced student begins with her friends to explore this rather taboo world. This Netflix comedy offers funny or hilarious moments that make it so charming.

4. Friends Forever




Adam Sander, Chris Rock, Kevin James and Salma Hayek in particular offer an excellent family comedy with Friends forever. You discover five childhood friends who decide to reconnect after 30 years without seeing each other.

Accompanied by their respective families, they must have a weekend together. The adventure accessible on the Netflix platform offers many giggles with these five old friends who do not hesitate to bring out the child in them.

5. A la carte scam




A la carte scam is an American comedy by Seth Gordon. The film features the adventure of Sandy who lives in Denver and has her identity stolen by a Miami woman named Diana. The latter leads a dream life indulging in little follies thanks to stolen accounts and credit cards.

Sandy heads to Florida in an attempt to reclaim her identity and control of her finances. He only has one week to try to save his life. The adventure turns out to be much more complicated than expected: Sandy is not the only one on the heels of the usurper who does multiple comic actions!

The film offers true comedy with many hilarious scenes. You can enjoy these excellent comedies and more with your Netflix subscription.