January 26, 2022

5 super funny movies to watch on Netflix tonight

Are you looking for shows to watch on Netflix to relax and take your mind off? If so, you have come to the right place! In the well-stocked catalog of the platform, there is a myriad of funny films, each one as original as the next.


To relax tonight, discover five films that will make you cry with laughter.

Very bad cops

Inspectors Christopher Danson and PK Highsmith are considered New York’s greatest cops. They set themselves apart from their colleagues by their dexterity and their determination to stop the city’s criminals.

When his two agents meet the opportunity to pass to posterity, Terry Hoitz a detective decides to take over. To achieve his goals, he intends to rally Allen Gamble, a forensic accountant who loves paperwork, to his cause. For their first mission, they are entrusted with a mundane case that escalates and becomes the biggest and most incredible criminal case in New York.

Yes Man

Carl Allen, a hyper-protective and reserved bank employee, has a habit of refusing proposals from his colleagues and relatives. One day, he signs up for a personal development course that focuses on the magical power of the word “Yes”.

By putting into practice the recommendations received, he notices profound changes in his daily life. He first gets an unexpected promotion and ends up finding a girlfriend with whom he shares his private life. Through this film, you will find Jim Carrey as you have always known him. An outstanding actor with more than hilarious body language.

Ride along

Ride Along is the daily life of supergeek Ben Barber (Hart), an Atlanta high school security guard. He asks for the blessing of James Payton (Ice Cube), a police detective, in order to marry his little sister Angela.

But first, he must show his future brother-in-law if he is really up to his ambitions. To this end, James embarks him on a difficult mission which consists of locking up the boss of a Serbian smuggling network. Will he manage to rise to the challenge and marry the woman of his dreams? Do not hesitate to discover this film on Netflix to follow the very delirious adventures that Ben had to lead.

Just for your hair

A true star in his country, Zohan is an elite agent working in the Israeli intelligence service Mossad. Apart from his profession, the man has the ambition to become a great hairdresser in America. To achieve his goals, he pretends to be dead during a fight against Ghost, his worst enemy.

He takes advantage of the circumstance to flee to New York with a hair dryer and scissors. When he arrives, he is hired by a young Palestinian woman in his hairdressing salon. In no time, Zohan succeeds in establishing himself in the field, but is caught up by his past as an agent. This film is full of comedic moments guided by a hint of dark humor. It’s hard to get bored with a Hairdressing Secret Agent.

The ditactor

The ditactor is the tale of Aladeen, a young child, who succeeds his father as head of the Wadiya Republic. Very quickly, he imposed himself by his charisma, his whimsicality, his misogyny and his megalomaniac character.

Most often surrounded by his female guard, Aladeen collects male and female adventures against watches or precious stones. However, the young ruler must face the rebellion of his uncle who does not digest rise to power. If you adore American comedies without tail or head, this film is sure to make you burst out laughing as its script is completely wacky.