January 29, 2022

5 horror movies to discover on Netflix tonight

How about using your evening to test your courage with horror films? A true streaming service, Netflix notably offers films that tell the story of horror at its height.

Photo by David Balev on Unsplash – cropped image

The list is long, but our selection of 5 films released in 2021 will be perfect for spending a special evening with friends or family.

1— Killer Game

It is a Canadian-American film based on the story of the book of the same name. If you have already read this book by Stéphanie Perkins, you should have a vague idea of ​​the content of the film.

Life at Hawaii was full of promises for Makani until his comrades were murdered. His school “Osborne High School” is plagued by the murderous madness of a masked man. The latter reveals the secrets of innocent students and puts an end to their lives. Makani in the company of his friends will try to stop the murderer.

2— No one leaves here alive

Come to live the American dream, Amber instead, a Mexican immigrant lives a hectic daily life in Cleveland. Her goal was to find a job, save money and help her sick mother at home. Mexico. Amber is forced to take a room in a family pension which remains far from pleasant. Outside, life seems just as strange to him, but that is nothing compared to the nightmare the residence has in store for him. Ambar will have to face mysterious cries and strange visions to hope to get out of this.

3— In blind spots

Catherine and George Clare form a young loving couple. A more or less perfect relationship than the move to the valley of l’Hudson will hurt. The historic hamlet in which they are settled will be the main source of all their problems. The house has indeed already been the scene of a family tragedy and the spirits of the deceased former occupants are still present there. History repeats itself for Catherine and George who will have to face their own demons and these ghosts. Bloody arguments will reveal the very dark side of George.

4- Army of the Dead

It is the story of a group of mercenaries who will have to face hordes of zombies to accomplish a risky mission. Las Vegas is now invaded by very aggressive zombies. The area is cordoned off, and a nuclear strike could soon wipe out everything inside. This is the moment chosen by Bly Tanaka, a billionaire to make a very big heist. It will take out an amount of $ 200 million a casino located inside the quarantine zone. He therefore brings together a tailor-made team to get the job done. They will have to outsmart the surveillance, but also protect themselves from a probable zombie attack.

5— Fear Street, part 1: 1994

Mysterious murders are the daily life of the city of Shadyside in l’Ohio since 300 years. In 1994 after another incomprehensible drama, a group of teenagers will accidentally cross paths with an evil force. The presence of this spirit dates back to 1666, year in which a witch cast a curse on the city before being executed. The group of friends will do everything to stop the evil which in turn sows chaos to maintain itself.