May 13, 2022

5 films by Gaspard Ulliel to (re) see absolutely

The world of French cinema mourns one of its icons. On Wednesday January 19, 2021, actor Gaspard Ulliel died following a ski accident. He was 37 years old. Gaspard Ulliel was more than a face with a small dimple on his left cheek.

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He acted in several films and some of his roles brought him fame. Discover 5 essential films that marked his career.

A Long Engagement Sunday (2004)

“A Long Engagement Sunday” is a film by Jean-Pierre Jeunot starring Gaspard Ulliel and Audrey Tautou. Gaspard Ulliel plays the role of Manech, a soldier who went missing during the First World War. His fiancée Mathilde, played by Audrey Tautou, does not despair and will do everything to find him.

During her journey, she learns that Manech is court-martialed along with 4 other soldiers and is sent to the front line. For this role, Gaspard Ulliel is widely acclaimed and in 2005 it earned him the César Award for Best Male Hope.

Jacquou The Crunchy (2007)

The film Jacquou Le Croquant by Laurent Boutonnat is an adaptation of the novel by writer Eugène Le Roy. And who better than Gaspard Ulliel to embody the character of Jacquou. This role gave the young actor unparalleled notoriety and made him the darling of the entire film industry.

For this role, the actor had to undergo rigorous training, because the character of Jacquou overflows with energy. Jacquou is a fearless young man in love with justice who had a difficult childhood with the loss of his parents. Once an adult, he becomes a leader and fights with all his might against the oppression suffered by the peasants of the village of Fanlac.

Hannibal Lecter: The Origins of Evil (2007)

Hannibal Lecter is one of the best-known fictional characters of the seventh art. This serial killer first appeared in the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. Since then, this cold-blooded and cannibalistic assassin has fascinated directors and several films and even series have seen the light of day.

While Anthony Hopkins is still seen as the reference after playing Hannibal Lecter three times, Ulliel takes up the challenge. This feature film addresses several aspects. In particular, it will be a question of the reasons which transformed a child into one of the most appalling criminals that the world has known.

Saint Laurent (2014)

During a career, an actor is called upon to play various roles and to embody a new character each time, it requires a lot of work. For the biopic about fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, Ulliel had to lose almost 12 kilos and revise his diction. He also had to study his gestures to be able to reproduce it.

Everything had to be perfect and for this the actor had to repeatedly watch interviews with the fashion designer. The film focuses on the period from 1967 to 1976. This decade deals with the professional torments that the couturier experienced as well as his romantic relationships.

Just the end of the world (2016)

Gaspard Ulliel stars in Xavier Dolan’s film, “It’s only the end of the world”. He gives the reply to the great Marion Cotillard and one detail makes the film very intriguing. The character of Louis played by Gaspard Ulliel is very silent. The story revolves around a writer who returns after several years of absence to his native village.

He returns to his family that he had not seen for a long time and all is not going well. In this film, the actor speaks little, but his captivating gaze is more than enough to convey emotions. In 2016, the film won the Cannes Grand Prix. This success offered the actor the César for Best Actor.