July 7, 2022

5 films and series to inspire programming

One thing that almost all programmers have in common is lack of motivation. And this is no wonder. The projects that most developers need to participate in often take their toll.

In order to have the technical skills required to be a good programmer and be successful in the world of work, you not only need an innate intelligence, but also programming courses that give you everything you need to achieve it.

Finding the right programming course to work as a programmer and be successful can be overwhelming, but aulab makes it all easy.

With his Hackademy, aulab offers you a programming course to work in which you will be able to acquire all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to become a programmer and ignite the programmer spark that lies within you.

However, this spark is not only fueled by work and knowledge. There are times when new challenges just don’t do the trick.

So how do we deal with the pressure, how do we rekindle our passion for programming, and if we could do it through something we all love?

We all love watching movies and that’s why these works of art can serve as a motivator for any programmer wanting to rekindle that spark.

Here is a list of 5 movies and series you should watch to motivate yourself to schedule again.

1. la Silicon Valley

This is a great recommendation for any programmer who hasn’t yet been amused by the pranks of this group of successful programmers in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is an American comedy series that tells the story of a small team of developers at an Internet company called Pied Piper.

Over the 6 seasons you will see them battle to define their strategy, build their product, secure funds, and take on Hooli, the tech giant who obviously but superficially resembles Google or Microsoft.

This is an amazing series, suitable for developers who aspire to someday start a tech company.

2. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot - Saison 2

I love this series. Unlike most series which tend to view hacking as involving a human sitting at a computer desk, typing keys, staring at a dark screen and, a few minutes later, saying “I’m in.” this series achieves all the details that distinguish this type of profile.

Mr. Robot follows Elliot, a young programmer who works as a cybersecurity engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night.

This fun, rebellious series has a great soundtrack and even features realistic aspects of the lineup that make the whole fictional plot feel real.

3. the social network

The writer of The Social Network is in favor of a sequel, but on one condition.

This acclaimed film chronicles the journey (although some fictional details have been added) of the famous social network.

The film is believed to be largely based on actual events, although Mark Zuckerberg has publicly disputed some aspects of the film in real life.

Either way, most programmers are thrilled to see it, especially since the movie portrays the incredible accomplishments that can be achieved just by learning a programming language.

Viewers are also very fond of seeing programming as entertainment, which is not easy to portray on screen.


Film on employment

Steve Jobs, who dropped out of college, is the iconic name and face of Apple Computers, a company he co-founded with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

This biographical film is an inspiration that every programmer should see.

Jobs is an inspiration to young and old alike, as he showcases not only his incredible genius, but also his creative entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to his vision to change the world.

5. The Imitation Game (Le code Enigma)

Photo de The Imitation Game

Are you a fan of algorithms or do you like to think in numbers? Well, here’s a movie for you.

The action takes place during WWII, The Enigma code depicts the life of Alan Turing and his team’s struggle to invent the world’s first computer capable of cracking the famous German Enigma code and ultimately winning the war.

We hope you enjoyed this list, which one would you add?