July 7, 2022

3 films for the holidays

All in scene 2

The story

For his next show, Buster the koala is thinking big: he wants to play in the sumptuous theater hall of the Crystal Tower. In order to convince his owner, a wolf, however, he had to tell him that he knew star singer Clay Calloway, a lion retired from music for ten years. A huge lie that he will soon regret …

The opinion of 1day1actu

What a joy to find the shy elephant Meena, Johnny the romantic gorilla and all their friends! Other very funny characters are also appearing, like this hyper-angry wolf or his daughter, unbearable and spoiled rotten. Not as original as the first, however, this suite alternates delirious pursuits and musical numbers at a furious pace. As for its soundtrack, from Shawn Mendes to Billie Eilish, it makes you want to tap your foot. Good mood guaranteed!


The story

Mica, a little boy from the slums, is hired as a handyman in a tennis club very chic in Casablanca. Gamers, especially children, see him as less than nothing. Only the teacher, Sophia, a former champion, pays him a little attention. She decides to train him …

The opinion of 1day1actu

This film, which is about sport, also shows the reality of a country, Morocco, where children from very poor neighborhoods sometimes have to work to help their families. He also denounces the contemptuous attitude of a few rich people, who make fun of the poorest instead of reaching out to them. Little Zakaria Inan plays Mica with overwhelming energy.

The crusade

The story

Joseph, 13 years old, announces to his parents that he has sold some of their belongings: dresses, watches, etc. The reason ? He secretly joined forces with other children to finance an ecological project in Africa …

The opinion of 1day1actu

What if teens around the world unite to save the planet, to make the decisions that adults refuse to make? This is the starting point of this comedy that deals with a serious subject with poetry, fantasy, and hilarious humor. However, it should appeal to college students more than those under 10 years old.

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