October 16, 2021

This new Netflix film, which was not shaping up very well, is against all odds a big hit with subscribers

If you want to see a film without the fuss that allows you to decompress well, Kate on Netflix seems the right solution. However, on paper, this action feature film is nothing crazy and original compared to what can be done in the genre. We give you the synopsis of Netflix: “Meticulous and prodigiously gifted, Kate is the epitome of the perfectly honed killing machine and at the top of her art. But one day she fails to eliminate her target, a yakuza in Tokyo. She then discovers that she has been poisoned and will undergo a slow death execution which leaves her less than 24 hours to take revenge on her killers. As her body decays at high speed, Kate befriends the daughter of one of her former victims. ” Nothing new then. We are indeed in a fairly classic pattern with a countdown launched, revenge and unexpected allies. Fortunately, things were well managed by the French director Cédric Nicolas-Troyan to whom we owe, in particular, The hunter and the ice queen with Charlize Therion and Chris Hemsworth in 2016.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Kate, has 24 hours to save her life.© Jasin Boland

Subscribers who saw the film were pleasantly surprised by the intensity of Kate, the credibility of the action scenes and by its main performer, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. View in Die Hard 4: Return to Hell in 2007 she played the daughter of Bruce Willis (John McClane), she has oscillated since the beginning of her career between horror films like Final Destination 3, The Thing Where Death Boulevard, by Quentin Tarantino, thrillers like 10 Cloverfield Lane in 2016, superhero movies like Bird of Prey (and the Fantabulous Tale of Harley Quinn) in 2020. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 36, also starred in 2017 in the third season of the series Fargo, where she incidentally met her companion, actor Ewan McGregor. She also a singer. A complete artist who therefore amazes with her very “bad ass” role in this Netflix film Kate.

In the cast of the film “Kate” directed by the French Cédric Nicolas-Troyan: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Miku Martineau and Woody Harrelson.© Netflix

Those who saw this new feature film, which lasts 1h46, also loved the Japanese universe of Kate, its careful realization not always based on a permanent search for action at all costs, the sets close to the video game and the presence of Woody Harrelson, still in high spirits at 60 years old. Short, Kate is a hit with subscribers which places the film in the current Top 10. This is very often the case with new Netflix movies, which arouse curiosity, but something tells us that the phenomenon Kate could go much further.