October 16, 2021

Netflix: 2 cool movies and series to watch without hesitation

Which Netflix movies and series do we recommend tonight? If you don’t know what to watch, the editorial staff at CNET France makes a point of recommending quality content to the SVoD service catalog.

This time, The mission and Midnight Gospel are our picks of the day and here’s why you should give it a try.

What movies and series to watch tonight on Netflix?

A Good Western: The Mission

In summary

Five years after the end of the Civil War, Captain Kidd travels from town to town to keep people informed of news across the country. He is what is called a “public rapporteur”. One day, his path crosses that of Johanna, a child captured and raised by the Indians for years. Kidd is then in charge of bringing her back to her aunt and uncle, her only living family. The improbable duo then embarks on an eventful journey filled with unforeseen events.

Why it’s a safe bet

It is quite astonishing to find Paul Greengrass behind the camera for a western. Until now, the British director was more accustomed to high-powered action films, such as the opus of the saga. Jason Bourne (except the first one he didn’t do) or July 22.

After Captain Phillips, Greengrass finds here Tom Hanks, always so brilliant, for a simple western, but effective. Hanks plays Captain Kidd, a man driven by his urge to tell stories to attentive crowds. The young Johanna (Helena Zengel) will come to disrupt his daily life and force him to undertake a perilous journey.

If at first Kidd doesn’t want to take care of Johanna, he will quickly become very attached to this child who does not speak English. But beyond this adorable relationship, the film is also about the role of media, whatever they are, and the art of storytelling. Visually, The mission delights us with immense and majestic landscapes. And since most of the ingredients of a good western are there, fans of the genre should find what they are looking for.

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A good animated series: Midnight Gospel

In summary

To overcome the loneliness that assails him, Clancy Gilroy uses his parallel universe simulator to explore imaginary galaxies. In these improbable and colorful worlds, he questions the locals he meets to enrich his show with testimonies. Then begins a series of discussions as implausible as existential in ever more bizarre places.

Why it’s a safe bet

Midnight Gospel astonishes as much as it detonates. The series was born from the collaboration of Pendleton Ward, creator of the animated program Adventure Time, and Duncan Trussell, a comedian who owes his fame to the podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. Midnight Gospel is the result of mixing these two very different worlds.

The shimmering animation is the signature of the first city, the long spiritual and introspective discussions the touch of the second. Obviously the show surprises because it has little to do with the animated series that we are used to watching. The series goes far, very far … Clancy takes us on a journey to the four corners of the universe, to hallucinated worlds where the one-upmanship of colors and oddities breaks records.

But that’s not all, the main character also launches into long, deep and existential conversations with those crossed during his cosmic wanderings. It then becomes easy to lose track … Midnight Gospel is a demanding series and the endless interviews with her character are sometimes difficult to follow.

Moral of the story: in order not to disperse, focus more on the lyrics than on the animation. It’s a bit of a shame, but it’s worth hanging on. It is often informative, subtle and interesting, even if weariness lurks at times. On our side, we still put a small drawback for the animation.

Basic and a little confusing at times, it leaves the viewer unsatisfied. A little binder between episodes might not have been too much either. Still, these few faults do not prevent Midnight Gospel worth a detour. In substance as in form, the series stands out and will make you travel with its character.

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