October 16, 2021

4 popular movies inspired by cartoons

The world of anime, which originated in Japan, is one of those that marked the way animation is done. With extremely sharp details, each painting is a painting. The universes of Hayao Miyazaki, with Princess mononoke, My neighbor Totoro Where Spirited away among his best known works, or the work that defined cyberpunk, Akira, are loaded with moments that have served to inspire productions of Hollywood.

In 1997, Miyazaki released Princess Mononoke. (IMDb)

Ivana Baquero placeholder image, the protagonist of Pan’s Labyrinth, He said that before starting the filming of the film, Guillermo del Toro made him read Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, a work which was then adapted by Miyazaki. Other productions contain elements similar to animated fictions, although they categorically deny this, as in the case of The Lion King and Kimba. Here are four films based on scenes from the anime.


Curler, film Rian Johnson that if you haven’t seen it yet, you can look in Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max, is a science fiction story that finds its inspiration in Akira. One of the characters in the 1988 animated film managed to develop powers of telekinesis that gradually turned him into a fearsome creature, although that doesn’t mean he was an evil being inside. Something similar was seen in the film directed by Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with the character Cid, which they nickname Rainmaker.


In this case, unlike the case cited with The Lion King, Christophe Nolan had no problem admitting that he took ideas from Paprika make one of his best productions. Inception not only uses a similar idea to complete its plot, that of a dream-controlling machine, but it also has a sequence modeled on the anime of Satoshi Kon. It’s about the phenomenal showdown in the rotating hotel room, which was practically recorded and the result is on display.


Yes OK James Cameron never said anything openly, the plots of Avatar and one of the best movies of Hayao Miyazaki are obvious. Princess mononoke it has a message similar to that of the highest-grossing film in history. But if these are inspirations from the anime, one of the most obvious connections is the one it has with Ghost in the shell: in both productions, we see how the characters can transfer human consciousness.

Pacific Rim

The idea that the protagonists of Pacific Rim facing all kinds of kaijus is enough to realize that Guillermo del Toro had some inspiration from the anime world. But if you need to highlight a particular production, it’s Néon Genesis Evangelion. As in the 2013 film, the protagonist is a person recruited by the government to manipulate a giant robot that allows them to level their forces with those of the monsters, to save the Earth.

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