October 16, 2021

Horror Movies Produced By Jordan Peale Boost Box Office Revenue

Jordan Peale confirms its position as leader of horror: its new product Candies It’s already a big blow to box office success.

Good news for horror fans. Jordan Peale has been relaunched, producing his remake, Universal and MGM, directed by Nia Dacosta. Candies Dominate the US box office this weekend. Released in late August, the number of government cases in the United States is on the rise. Candies However, he made an attractive return of $ 22.4 million. Expiration..

It’s paradoxical, isn’t it?

Based on a score above the initial estimate given 15 million marks DiversAnd already all the accounting lights are green, The film has a production budget of just $ 25 million and has yet to be released internationally. Another pride of the team is the fourth highest rated horror film in history released this year. The last goal (27,4 millions), Don’t breathe the house of darkness (26,4 millions) Halloween Rob Zombie (holiday weekend $ 26.3 million).

He praised the remake’s combination of intelligence, horror and social commentary and met with positive reviews. Candies So it’s already a clear and obvious success, But the film still has an important role to play. Change your tests next weekend, especially strategic. It’s definitely American Labor Day, a three-day weekend that has traditionally been particularly beneficial for theaters. Moreover, the competition is not wrong.

Anyway, a little smile?

Candyman will definitely have to prove himself against the Marvel Jaguar Note The legend of Xiangqi and the 10 rings (Plus, like Free Guy, the Ryan Reynolds movie actually manages to pull it off at the end of its run.) He’s a big nemesis, but thanks to the positive reviews and suggestions for the opposite type of entertainment, Candyman can stay alone. When it happens Candies Be one of the first big winners of the fall. Thanks for responding next week! For France, on the other hand, it will be necessary to wait until September 29.

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Horror Movies Produced By Jordan Peale Boost Box Office Revenue

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