November 27, 2021

MotoGP Misano-2 J2 Jack Miller (Ducati / 2) and the team instructions: “I’m not an idiot!”

Jack Miller will start second in this second meeting at Misano, behind his team-mate vying for the title and ahead of another Ducati, that of Luca Marini. In view of the appearance of the championship three races from the end, that of this Sunday included, the theme of the team instruction to best counter Fabio Quartararo leader with 52 points in advance has resurfaced. And the Australian’s response was crystal clear …

For Ducati, it is obviously important to play its ultimate strengths in the quest for a crown sought since 2007 and which had been placed on the head of Casey Stoner. In fact, the brand could with ostentation give instructions to its five drivers all the same in the running to support its sixth which is its last card in this season. But MotoGP is not Formula 1. That being said, common sense is also spread there.

It is from this angle that Jack Miller broaches the subject of this Sunday’s race, in Misano, when we ask him what attitude he will have in front of his team-mate placed just in front of him: ” nobody told me anything about team orders so far “He says, but he has a clear point of view:” having common sense in this case is the main thing. We all want to see Ducati win, we all want to make the most of it and at the moment Pecco is our best opportunity ».

Jack Miller : “I won’t try to throw myself inside every third corner

« Nothing changes for me, I’m here to do my best. We’ll see what happens in the race, but Pecco’s speed is surely unmistakable here. I don’t think my race will change, I will try to follow it. If, on the contrary, it happens as it happened in America, if I will be faster, then I would surely like to try to overtake it and give it the wake. One thing’s for sure: I won’t try to throw myself inside every third corner. I’m not a fool ! ».

Luca Marini, training companion and the academy of Bagnaia, as pilot Ducati shouldn’t tempt the devil either. It must be said that these two also work on eggshells, because it will not be necessary to eliminate the last possibility of a title for Ducati in a poorly gauged maneuver. ask to Iannone after its disastrous action on Dovizioso in the last corner of an Argentinian Grand Prix: he will tell you that Gigi Dall’Igna has memory …

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MotoGP Misano-2 J2 : qualifications

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