November 29, 2021

MotoGP Misano-2 J1 Debriefing Marc Marquez (Honda): “I don’t think our real level in the wet corresponds to 14th place” (Full)

This Thursday, October 21, 2021, Marc Marquez answered journalists’ questions from the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, as a prelude to the Gran Premio Nolan del Made in Italy e dell’Emilia-Romagna.

We went to listen (via teleconference software) to the words of the Spanish pilot, author of the 14th stopwatch in combined times this Friday.

As usual, we report here the words of Marc Marquez without the slightest formatting.

Marc, we saw you multiply the runs during FP2, while you were much more discreet during the first free practice session of the day. Can you explain your strategy to us today?

“It is must say that during FP2, our strategy did not go as planned. It wasn’t that I had a bad feeling, but I had to change the bike, as well as the basic settings. During one of my outings I felt something strange and I preferred to come back to the stand again. »

” All it wasted a lot of time, so I couldn’t do the perfect lap. But other than that, normally we are very strong in the wet. Already during the first race in Misano, our level in the wet during the first day had not been too bad, even if all the same a little less good than on the other circuits. »

” This who is certain is that I don’t think our real level corresponds to 14th place in the wet. The other riders go very fast, and the level of grip on this track is very high. We need to understand what is going on, because all Honda riders face similar challenges. The area where we waste the most time is in the rear tire. These free practice sessions were important because, in the end, we do not know precisely the weather forecast for tomorrow. But the point is, I didn’t manage to achieve the same lap times when the track was drying up as the other drivers. »

“All Honda riders face similar difficulties”

What is your reaction to the change in the regulations on the minimum age to compete in Grand Prix (at least 18 years old, regardless of the category concerned)?

” For me it’s a good change, especially after everything that has happened this year [trois décès notamment : Jason Dupasquier, Hugo Millán et Dean Berta Viñales]. I do think it is time to change something. For my part, I arrived in Grand Prix at 15, and I switched to MotoGP at 20. »

” Most it is true that the current tendency is to think that if you are not in MotoGP at 20, then you are not a good rider. But that’s not how it works. Some pilots need more time and others less. Changing the minimum age means everyone will still be a bit more prepared in the end. Everyone will be more mature. It’s natural to make different mistakes depending on whether you’re 15, 18, or 22. But at least if you come to Grand Prix with more experience and being more mature, it can only be better. »

Which chassis did you use today?

” With Pol we tried both today, because in the wet we didn’t know which one to use precisely, but tomorrow we will make a decision. It is not yet very clear at the moment. We had two days of testing here last month, and by that time we were done with the chassis Pol used today, so it’s likely that we’ll stick with this one in the end. »

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