November 29, 2021

Messi, economic situation, CVC… Laporta announces the “resurrection” of the Blaugrana club!

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In an interview with Sport, Barça president Joan Laporta spoke at length about his first seven months in the Catalan club. The president of Blaugranas thus declared:

The worst and the best thing of the beginning of his term

“The most painful thing was the departure of Leo Messi. The best thing is the loan of 595 million from Goldman Sachs. It allows us to have an amount to pay off the short-term commitments and makes us look like ‘go forward.”


“As usual, I try to move forward and not constantly come back to the past because it keeps me from moving forward. It was sad, painful. I would have liked to be the president who helped him to be in the first team and to be the president who always saw him at Barça. That was not the case “.

(…) It’s like that. We saw it when we realized he couldn’t continue due to a lack of pay margin. From there we thought that, although it was painful, we should think of the institution above all and work for Barca to move forward. The timing was complicated and the fact that there were very strong economic priorities helped us find our strength to reverse this economic situation and thus we overcame the fact that Messi did not stay at Barca. It also helps because we were lucky enough to enjoy Messi’s best years, that we will always carry him in our hearts and the doors of Barca are open forever.

The economic situation

“We already knew that the start would be very difficult. The enthusiasm, desire and conviction in the viability plan that has been drawn up will make Barca again admired and loved around the world and we will be competitive again. at a high level. This gives us the necessary strength that allows us to work day by day in a complicated economic situation. We overcome obstacles and adversities. In the situation we find ourselves in, the fact that we were able to obtain 595 million at an interest rate of 1.98% … is good news. Now the good news is being valued economically and we are working to ensure that it is reflected in the areas of the club that we are happy about: sports, social and institutional. “

Barça assembly on Sunday

“This is the most important in the recent history of the club. I don’t want to go back to the origins of the club, where there were situations of maximum difficulty. I want to imagine what Gamper went through when there was only one left. 32 members and he went door to door trying to get them back. Now we are going to announce results which are a disaster due to the mismanagement of the old council. But we are also going to proclaim the resurrection of Barça. May Barça be resuscitated and become a world benchmark again. “

On a possible remuneration of the president of Barça

“I don’t even think about it. I’m just looking for the idea of ​​turning things around for the club. I said in 2003 that we would dedicate the best years of our life to Barca. Now we are dedicating a serene maturity to the experience at Barca. I feel very strong doing it. It helps a lot to be in good company. They are very efficient hours. We do a lot of things during the day. The activity is frantic. I hope that we will be rewarded for that. Soon we will stabilize all of this and the hours will be more balanced. We have vice-presidents who devote a lot of time to Barca and they do it very well. And they help between us all to make it happen well. And that we will fix it. Our interest is to fix it as quickly as possible, but everything has a rhythm. There are situations which require a certain period of maturity to be effective. “


“Not the way they suggested it to us, no. If they rephrase it, and we already have. If they rephrase it, and we already had a meeting with them, we would review it at We have to think that the CVC project was explained to us in words, with strong points, but that they have not yet given us the documents that we would have to sign. Barça cannot say yes officially without having previously studied the document in depth. At the moment, what they explained to us, we do not like it. Yes, we would receive 270 million, but in the form of debt. Then they say it is an investment , a stake, a loan? Let them give me the documents and I will study them in depth. Offer 10% of our television rights for half a century as a guarantee, well, no. Barça cannot sign any contracts. Barça cannot sign a contract with his eyes closed, even if he puts the carrot under your nose, these 270 million. is it happening? That they know we have a complicated financial situation and maybe they are using us. “

La Super League

“He is not parked, on the contrary, he is still alive and open to dialogue with all football agents, this is how we work with the company that has this mission and we are there with Juve, Madrid and Barca as we continue to win all legal proceedings. It continues to move closer to the most attractive competition in the world. We are here to make it happen because, moreover, it can have a favorable impact on the economies of the clubs which participate in a format that would be open, with promotion and relegation. And for the record, we are not closed to coordination with UEFA either, although it has been very aggressive from the start. the threatened Champions League and the Super League would be a proposal to replace the Champions League, but not with a belligerent attitude but rather in dialogue with UEFA “.

to summarize

In an interview with the Catalan daily Sport, the president of Barça, Joan Laporta, spoke of the first months of his mandate at the head of the Blaugrana club with in particular the departure of Lionel Messi at Paris-Saint-Germain.