November 28, 2021

Meghan Markle angered ex-husband Trevor Engelson with his post-divorce actions

Meghan Markle rose to prominence as the Duchess of Sussex to her followers, but her path to the royal family has been a long one and unfolded after her marriage to her first husband ended.

Meghan Markle might remind some of a certain royal figure who entered the scene decades ago, and whose life has been marked by controversies and sagas – Princess Diana.

Meghan Markle then became the wife of Diana’s youngest son Prince Harry, with whom she now shares two children and enjoys the limelight more than when she was just a star of movie theater.

Ms Markle’s marriage to Mr Harry has so far received mixed reviews. The 40-year-old and her husband have found themselves at the heart of various controversies and accusations since they decided to step down from their role in the royal family.

This year, the rivalry within the royal family has intensified after Harry and Markle gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey, where they unveiled the dirty laundry of the famous royals.

The claims made in the interview have damaged the reputation of the British monarchy more than anything that has been done in the past two decades. In this turmoil, Markle was the face everyone was pointing fingers at.

Long before these dramas took place and before she became a mother or carried the title of Duchess, Mrs. Markle was just a young actress hoping to get away with a boyfriend who supported her by her side.

Her marriage to Prince Harry may have made her a global figure, but the father of two was not her first love, nor was he the first man to lead her to the altar. .


In 2004, Markle was a young actress still trying to find the role that would launch her to stardom. While fortune dragged on, she met and fell in love with Trevor Engelson, a film producer, at a Hollywood bar.

Engelson would have helped her land a small role in Robert Pattinson’s film “Remember Me”. The duo started dating in 2004, and after six years together, the producer applied to Markle in 2010.

The couple then made their way to the altar, but their marriage ended as quickly as it had started. While Meghan was in Toronto for the filming of her hit series “Suits”, Engelson remained in Los Angeles, and the duo spent little time together.

The passion quickly faded, and Markle took the big step that angered Engelson – just as his career took a turn for the worse, Markle filed for divorce in 2013, citing irreconcilable differences.

According to author Andrew Morton, it was all part of a big plan that Markle worked out. According to reports, rather than return to the Los Angeles home they shared and end things in a respectful and friendly manner, Markle chose to do things roughly.

She mailed the producer her diamond engagement ring and wedding ring. Engelson was still recovering from the shock of Markle’s divorce filing, when he was shocked by the rings returned.

His pain only got worse at the thought of Markle dropping him, after he contributed to the growth of his career. However, this was not the first time Engelson had had to endure his ex-wife’s bold gestures, which some might consider insensitive.

Right before moving to Canada to start filming “Suits,” Markle took home their expensive food mixer, which many saw as a declaration of purpose and newly gained independence.

Markle reportedly tried to prove that with the luxury and independence that her career afforded her, she no longer needed to depend on Engelson’s connections as she now had a stable source of income and connections in Hollywood. .

By moving her favorite food processor from their Los Angeles home, Markle wanted to emphasize that the bungalow she shared with Mr. Engelson was no longer her home, as she had become a self-sufficient woman. Her ex-husband Engelson said Markle’s actions made him very angry, and he felt like a rag under his shoes. Author Morton thinks Markle is more of a calculating character, than the gentle, harmless soul she portrays to herself.

He explains that Markle has always had the ambition to become a princess like Diana, and that since her teenage years, she has hoped that her fortune will lead her there.

He believes his career has grown along with his social status. Markle has closed the door on those who had known her during the time of her anonymity, including her parents and half-siblings.


Before their marriage ended in 2013, Markle and Engelson often quarreled over the latter’s refusal to help her find high-paying jobs, rather than low-paying, sometimes demeaning jobs.

After getting her role in “Suits” Markle had to move to Canada for nine months, and to keep them close Engelson moved his office to New York, an hour away, but things had cooled off. between them.

Markle, who calls herself a perfectionist, had grown tired of her then-husband’s scattered life, such as showing up late to meetings in wrinkled clothes, and she was starting to get used to an independent life.

Five years after their divorce, Engelson was struggling to contain his anger at his ex-wife’s treatment. Since their divorce, Markle’s social status has improved considerably, and she has become a celebrity herself, much more than she was with her producer husband.

Contrary to popular belief, respected royal biographer Morton believes Diana would have loved her stepdaughter Markle, if she were alive today.

Diana died at the age of 36, and Markle joined the royal family at 36, which is one of the similarities between the two characters. Mr Morton believes the late Princess of Wales would have seen fate at work, and would have approved of the actress.

Markle continued Diana’s love of charity, hoping to put her name on people’s hearts like the People’s Princess did decades ago.

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