November 28, 2021

Mantes la Jolie. To get by, Soufiane created his company

Soufiane Assad created Home Clean Car four months ago. (© 78 News)

France has never seen so many business creations as since the health crisis.

Soufiane Assad, “pure product of Mantes-la-Jolie”, as he likes to define himself, is an illustration of this assertion.

From interim to business creation

In the midst of a pandemic, acting for several years at Renault Flins, then at Cacao Barry in Meulan-en-Yvelines, Soufiane is suddenly no longer called, the fault of the closure of the factories.

Filled with resources from his past experience, the young man then decides to bounce back and create Home Clean Car, a home vehicle preparation company.

This idea has been running through Soufiane’s head for years.

“I left school at 16, in the second year of electro-technique in Rostand. Next ? I managed. “

Soufiane AssadHome Clean Car

He then scours the stalls on the Val Fourré market. “One time I was helping the fruit and vegetable seller, the next day, the carpet seller. I left in the evening with my 20 euros. These people gave me a taste for work. It is undoubtedly at this moment that the desire to become an entrepreneur germinated in the head of Soufiane.

At 18, the young man passes his driving license and discovers a new autonomy. “I also wanted to find a job with a real contract. “Order picker or on the assembly line at Renault-Flins or Cacao Barry, Soufiane is still struggling to stabilize his situation.

Recoil and action

“Personal concerns then led me to take a year of hindsight. Thinking about what I really wanted and needed. I then focused on business creation. “

Soufiane Assad

Passionate about cars, Soufiane does not hesitate for long. “I’ve been a perfectionist in cleaning cars… forever. I especially like to succeed in making a car in very bad condition nickel. The “before and after” really makes me happy, ”he explains.

This is how Home Clean Car was born.

“I go to people. The concept is that unlike other companies that wash cars at home, I have complete autonomy. In my van, I have a 400 liter water tank, and a generator for electricity. I don’t hook up with people. “

Soufiane Assad

If his truck is not quite ready yet (Home Car Clean has only existed for 4 months), calls are already raining. “I can’t believe how much people trust me. “

For 2:30 to 3 hours of work on your vehicle, it will cost you 70 euros if you have a “small” car, and 80 € if you own an SUV or a large sedan. An affordable price for a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Practical: to contact Home Clean Car: 07 50 03 07 65

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