May 13, 2022

Zinedine Zidane will be PSG coach next season

Well, he’s always wary of rumours, especially when they imply such huge things as “Zidane will be PSG coach next season”. But this “Zidane in Paris” has been mentioned for so many months by the press in several countries that one would tend to believe what Mark.

Mark, it is the daily newspaper of Madrid, which never hesitates to do tons on the flagship team of the Spanish capital, Real Madrid. The Kylian Mbappé case is the perfect example with almost every day assertions about the future of the PSG player: “he has already signed at Real”, “he will extend at PSG”… This Thursday, January 20, it’s the ex-Real Madrid coach who is the subject of the information that Mark claims to have. The title is simple: “Zidane’s future is at PSG”, the beginning of the text also: “In the locker room, his presence on the bench for next season is taken for granted.”

Inevitably, an affirmation like this from a media well placed to evoke Zinédine Zidane very quickly made the rounds of the football planet. The rumour/information is picked up everywhere and Zidane is number 1 in Twitter Trending. When we then look at the long dedicated article, we learn that the leaders of PSG “are going to carry out a profound restructuring on the sporting level. In Paris, we are preparing for the more than probable departure of Mbappé and the need to adapt the workforce to the economic reality of current football. And this change involves putting order in a locker room where, on a daily basis, there are complicated situations that end up being reflected on the pitch. It will indeed be a good thing for Paris Saint-Germain to have a few clear orders, a clear hierarchy and players 100% concerned with the Qatar project. And it would therefore be Zinédine Zidane the perfect man to carry out this project. In which there would not necessarily be Kylian Mbappé, while many believe that if Zizou arrives at PSG, Kyky might want to stay at least one more season. What Daniel Riolo was saying about RMC a few days ago.

In the PSG project, it seems in any case clear that Mauricio Pochettino, current Parisian coach, will leave in June 2022, perhaps for Manchester United. It remains to be seen whether it will be good Zinédine Zidane, in advanced discussions with the bosses of the French club according to Mark, which will take its place.

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