May 22, 2022

Zara is launching a new short dress with embroidery at a very low price!

Zara has just put on sale a short embroidered dress, ideal for the approach of spring. Check out what she looks like below.

We are in winter but you are already thinking about the arrival of good weather as well as the pretty outfits that you will be able to wear? You are quite right ! You should also know that Zara has added a very cute dress to her site. MCE TV shows you everything!

What is this famous dress from Zara?

We agree, it is sometimes difficult to dress well in winter. Sweaters, big down jackets and hats don’t suit everyone. If this is your case, you may already be scout for your spring wardrobe.

One of the latest novelties from Zara may please you. This is a short black dress, with prints in the form of white and beige flowers.

There is a collar, with a V-neckline that rolls up at the neck. The sleeves of the dress are long and end in a very discreet little golden button.

Regarding the material, we are on polyester and elastane. The interior, on the other hand, is made of 100% polyester. So as much to say that the dress is very soft and very comfortable.

On the price side, you will have to spend 49.95 euros to get this dress from Zara. However, know that it is easily worn, both with a small pair of white sneakers and a pair of pumps. It all depends on the circumstances in which you put it. Anyway, it will quickly pay for itself.

As for sizes, Zara offers XS, S, M, L and XL. But beware. It is possible stocks are running out fast. So don’t hesitate too long. MCE TV tells you more, later in this article.

Source: Zara

Which shoes to choose?

In order to create your complete outfit, we have selected – for you – a magnificent pair of pumps. That might be a tad harder to find than a little pair of white sneakers.

Again, you won’t need to look far since they are available from Zara (Reference 2336/910). These are shoes that look like sandals with leather heels.

A thin flange is on the front, at the level of the toes. It is moreover via loop flanges, also, that you will tie this pair of pumps around your ankle.

If it’s the height of the heels that scares you, know that these are 9 cm. It will therefore not be not too difficult to walk with. And then, after all, it can be learned!

What’s more, this famous pair of sandals has received AIRFIT® certification. This means that the insole is soft and the foam is made up of latex. Every detail is thought out so as to offer you the most comfort possible (despite the height of the heels).

In terms of size, Zara offers all sizes, from 35 to 42. It’s so cool, don’t you think? And finally, the price. This pair of pumps costs 59.95 euros. Summarizing, you have a complete outfit for 109.90 euros. So conquered?