January 24, 2022

Wellness destination at Palace Merano

The winter blues will not take place! We treat ourselves to the luxury of a VIP treatment at Palace Merano in Italian Tyrol to start the season on the right foot. At the origin of the healthy Palace-style retreats, “Merano” is first an experience, then an annual pilgrimage.

The Italian Tyrol? Zidane, Monica Bellucci, and yesterday, Pavarotti, Lagerfeld or Jacques Chirac, they thought about it a long time ago. The destination has its aficionados. In the wake of these illustrious visitors, there are new walkers – entrepreneurs for the most part – who for some time have been enjoying coming to “slow down” in this little corner of paradise. The arrival of the first frost, certainly the best time to take a well-being break for a few days, with the return of the sacred fire in sight.

This spa town of around 40,000 souls located at an altitude of 325 meters exudes an Alpine-Mediterranean atmosphere like nowhere else in La Botte. Merano is Austria which merges with Italy! From this unusual union, geopolitical legacy of the Second World War, another conception of la dolce vita.

Dr Massimiliano Mayrhofer, dit Dr Max (Medical Director) © Palace Merano

Here, the locals maintain the cult of better living characterized by a very healthy lifestyle. So much so that we come across a lot of happy centenarians. A state of mind that inspired Palace Merano, built at the start of the 20th century, in a lush park in the heart of the city. The establishment once preferred by Sissi the Empress took a completely unexpected turn at the beginning of 2000 by becoming the first “Palace” hotel dedicated to health.

Dr Massimiliano Mayrhofer, says Dr Max: “We are constantly challenged. You might be ready to spend the money the first time, to give it a try. But, if the results and the service aren’t there, you won’t come back! The loyal customer must be able to say: ” You have become even better! “. To achieve this level of satisfaction, we never take anything for granted. ”

An idea “out of the box” at the time: ” Palaces were the last places in the world where we wanted to hear about detox, wellness and nutritional coaching! », Shares the general manager Maximilian Newiger. Thus, under the supervision of an alternative medicine spawner, Henri Chenot, various programs have been developed with the aim of strengthening its immune defenses, its physical and cognitive performances, but also to promote longevity and better aging. Skillfully maintained protocols making the address a special place.

© Palace Merano

In the midst of works of art, marble columns and masterful chandeliers, we reenergize body and mind. The days pass to the rhythm of hydro-aromatic baths, draining massages, acupuncture sessions, check-ups and beauty treatments. You can also invigorate yourself by filling up on outdoor activities, alternating breaststrokes in the Olympic swimming pool and green walks on hilly paths.

Objective: breathe, sweat, reconnect with nature in a reconquest of oneself. Merano, or the beginning of a story.

By combining traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, the establishment offers the best combination to improve general health.

Palace Merano – Via Cavour, 2 – 39012 Merano (BZ) – Italy

Phone: +39 (0) 473 271 000 – [email protected]

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