May 22, 2022

Two ways to travel to Athens: see the Paris-Athens exhibition at the Louvre or follow Tonia Vassilopoulou, St Georges Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

There is still time to go and see the beautiful exhibition “Paris Athens, birth of modern Greece 1675-1919” at the Louvre Museum in Paris before it ends in early February.
The promise of a beautiful trip before going to Athens by following the city tour of the Greek capital by Tonia Vassilopoulou, the owner of the St Georges Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel which promises one of the most beautiful views of the Acropolis from the luxurious Kolonaki district.

Iakovos Rizos, Athenian Evening, Athens© National Gallery- Alexandros Soutsos Museum. Photo Stavros Psirukis

“Paris-Athens, Birth of Modern Greece 1675-1919” at the Louvre Museum

To celebrate the bicentenary of the beginnings of the Greek Liberation War in 1821 and the arrival of the Venus de Milo at the Louvre, discovered in 1820, the Paris-Athens exhibition pays homage to Greek antiquity, Greek art but especially the artists of modern Greece, less known, and the variety of its influences on the construction of cultural identity in Europe and in France.

The rise of modern Greece begins from the 17th century, to take on its full significance in the 19th century, determined by scientific archeology.
It is this period in particular that the exhibition “Paris-Athens, Birth of Modern Greece 1675-1919” highlights, following a chronological plan, punctuated by eight periods, through works from the excavations of Delos, Delphi or the Acropolis, casts and other period sculptures and bas-reliefs, but also of a new modern Greek art, drawing on the sources of French or German neoclassicism, and marked by the acceptance of Byzantine, Orthodox identity up to the works of the avant-garde group, Techni.

It is also the richness of the exchanges between France and Greece that the exhibition retraces, a richness that the romantic artists have marvelously translated as in the echo of the battles of Missolonghi by Eugène Delacroix, in his work “Greece on the ruins of Missolonghi” © inspired by glorious moments in modern Greek history or the discovery of artists such as Iakovos Rizos and his magnificent “Athenian evening”, chosen to illustrate the exhibition which reminds us that Greece is not just a heritage antique.

Portrait of Tonia Vassilopoulou

Follow the City guide of Tonia Vassilopoulou, St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel- Athens

And why not go directly to Athens to walk around the city like a Greek following the advice of Tonia Vassilopoulou, stroll through the chic district of Lycabettus hill, visit theAcropole and discover the many neighborhoods and walks that the capital has to offer?
It is on the hill of Lycabettus that the family of Tonia Vassilopoulou built this modern hotel offering on each floor a unique view of the Acropolis. The young woman, who took over the reins of the hotel with her brother, is the ideal guide for a complete city tour of her hometown, as proud of her origins as she is turned towards modernity, a fervent defender of the young generation of emerging artists, through the art gallery she has created within the hotel.

St Georges Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel in Kolonaki district, Athens

Can you tell us in a few words the history of this hotel?

St George Lycabettus is one of the few independent hotels in the world that has managed to become a brand in its own right for 40 years! The hotel has been owned by the same family since it opened in 1974. Its location in the center of Athens’ liveliest and upscale neighborhood, Kolonaki, and its stunning views of the Acropolis (from all floors) and the hill forest of Lycabettus have surely contributed to our history.

Restaurant La Suite Lounge, St Georges Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

Restaurant ” The Lounge Suite ” recognized for its culinary excellence offers a fusion of French-Greek-chic cuisine with a magnificent view of the Acropolis and the Saronic Islands. The restaurant has welcomed many guests, such as HRH Princess Michael of Kent, artists such as Irène Pappas who has had a permanent residence in the presidential suite for a few years, Jeremy Irons, Daniel Day Lewis, Vanessa May, Vincent Cassel, as well as politicians, ministers and ambassadors from all over the world.

la terrasse, St Georges Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

You were voted “Most beautiful roof top with a view in Europe” at the World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2019. What are the other assets that distinguish the St George Lycabettus hotel?

In summer, our guests can enjoy our outdoor swimming pool and the Vertigo Pool Club, a real oasis in the center of Athens. There one can enjoy the Greek sunshine, the opportunity to be able to swim right in the city center, enjoy fresh juices, smoothies and snacks throughout the day as well as traditional aperitifs and cocktails during the day. evening.

Comfortable poufs, large cushions on the floor and spaced daybeds are installed to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the city! No wonder the St George Lycabettus has been awarded as ‘Europe’s Best Roof Top View’, ‘Best Greek Lifestyle Hotel in Town’, and ‘Best Sky View Hotel in Greece’.

Vertigo Pool

On the top floor of the hotel, in addition to this breathtaking view, it is possible to have lunch at the Vertigo Pool Club and taste the unique Mediterranean flavors of Executive Chef Vassilis Milios. Traditional dishes based on local products focusing on vitamin intake to boost your metabolism, followed by appetizers and refreshing cocktails in the evening.
Also, the word “diet” comes from the ancient Greek “diaita” which means “the way of life”. In ancient Greece, a diet was all about good health and one of the components of that was good food. According to Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician and “father of medicine”, prevention is always better than cure! Good health requires nurturing the mind, body and soul.

A state-of-the-art screening room is the hotel’s latest creation. This brand new place – with modern lines and relaxing colors – is located in the hotel lobby. Customers can now watch documentaries and classics every night while kids can enjoy cartoons and movies on weekends. This new screening room is also available for private screenings, business meetings, press launches and presentations.

View of the Acropolis from the Suite Lounge restaurant, St Georges Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

For a first visit to Athens, could you describe the neighborhood of the hotel? What addresses around the hotel would you recommend?

There’s so much to love about Athens, and St. George Lycabettus Hotel is in a prime location for exploring all the city has to offer. Ideally located in the Kolonaki district from Athens, our hotel is just a few blocks from the place Syntagma, seat of the Greek Parliament, as well as the finest and most prestigious shops, restaurants and nightlife spots in Athens. For nature lovers, the green hill of Lycabettus is a short walk away. For art lovers, more than 15 art galleries are within walking distance.

For history buffs, the Cycladic Art Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the War Museum and of course the Mworn of the Acropolis.

For music lovers Le Megaron Concert Hallit is only 5 minutes walk.

For fashion addicts, the Kolonaki district is ideal for discovering the shops of the most famous and original designers.

Finally, for families and parents, the square and the playground Dexameni as well as the outdoor cinema are just below.

Rooms and suites, St Georges Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

What would be your other addresses in town?

I would definitely recommend the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center and the Onassis Foundation.

Where is the best place to walk in town?

My favorite walk in town is the filopappos hill and the Plaka district.

Entrance Hall, St Georges Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

Is the hotel’s art gallery one of your initiatives?

In the family, we have been supporting the arts for a long time. After my studies in hospitality in Switzerland, I obtained a degree in art history in Rome, because art has always interested me. The SG Art Gallery was born from an initiative and the combination between our love for hospitality and the arts. Founded in 2011 in Athens and located in the premises of St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel in the most exclusive area of ​​central Athens. SG Art Gallery aims to support Greek artists, bring international art to Greece and educate the general public about contemporary art. The gallery has produced important personal, collective and historical exhibitions in collaboration with eminent curators and art historians, highlighting different currents of Greek art and presenting more than 100 artists over the past eight years.

Terrasse, St Georges Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

City guide by Tonia Vassilopoulou :

  • Kolonaki district
  • Open-air cinema, cafes and the playground of Dexameni Square
  • Plaka district
  • The Hill of Filopappos
  • Cycladic Art Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • War Museum
  • Acropolis Museum
  • Le Megaron Concert Hall
  • Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center
  • Onassis Foundation
  • Greek chef Spiros Mavroidis’ Nikei restaurant located downstairs from the hotel offers a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine

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