June 30, 2022

This new Ferrari Roma which develops 704 hp is fabulous

The Ferrari Roma presented at the end of 2019 surprised everyone with its V8 engine at the front and its grand touring coupe line like the Jaguar F-Type or the Mercedes AMG GT. It must be said that since Magnum’s Ferrari 308 GTS we have become accustomed to seeing the “small” Ferraris with a rear central V8 engine. Indeed, the location of the engine in the front was reserved for large V12s like on the GTC4 Lusso and other 4-seater or, in a different genre, the Portofino coupé-cabriolet (ex-California). Thus the presentation of the Roma looked like a revolution with its 3.9 L turbo V8 of 620 hp at The problem: there are always grumpy people to consider that it is not enough. This is where the German preparer Novitec comes in, who discreetly modifies the admission, changes the catalytic converter as well as the line of exhaust and modifies the settings of the electronic ignition and injection unit. Thus “pimped”, the performance of the Ferrari Roma increases appreciably: the 0 to 100 km / h gains 2 tenths of a second to 3.2 s and the Top speed exceeds 325 km / h, against 320 km / h announced on the standard version. is, these increased performances can according to the tastes require new, firmer suspensions, proposed by Novitec.

Obviously, the question then arises for the happy (and rich) owners who modify their car in this way to know how to distinguish themselves in traffic jams. To this end, the German preparer offers light aerodynamic appendages in raw carbon: a spoiler under the grille, a small discreet spoiler that attaches to the tailgate or a diffuser around the exhaust outlets to create an effect of ground and tape the car to the road. Finally, in the personalization department, Novitec offers new seat stitching but remaining very sober. As for the price, it will be necessary to contact Novitec directly but count at least 100,000 euros more than the list price of Roma displayed in France excluding Malus at 202,187 euros.

Only the carbon spoiler under the grille allows us to guess that this is a car prepared by Novitec.

We never tire of admiring the profile of this Ferrari Roma.

Novitec offers very slight modifications to the interior of the Ferrari Roma such as the seat stitching.

The discreet carbon rear spoiler rivals the large diffuser around the kinds of exhaust.