January 26, 2022

The iPhone 14 will finally change its design and that will surely persuade many people to buy it despite the very high price

If you haven’t bought the iPhone 13 yet, maybe wait a bit longer because the iPhone 14 could be quite eye-catching. It is certainly necessary to wait another ten months before it leaves in stores, surely at the end of September 2022, but Apple would have obviously decided to move up a gear. According to The Elec, a South Korean media, the Cupertino company will offer two of these models, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, a brand new screen: goodbye to the notch and welcome to the punch.

“The 6.06-inch iPhone Pro and the 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max will have a pierced screen, we have indicated our sources”, thus indicates The Elec. Who continues that the two iPhone 14 would have LG panels, which already makes “pierced” screens. The top of the screen would therefore be exempt from the notch, which appeared in 2017 on the iPhone X and which was reduced by 20% between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, and would now only have a very small round in its entirety. A small circle which will be the front photo sensor. In terms of design, this would be a notable advance for Apple because the iPhone 14 will be of unparalleled purity on its front panel. But we can above all say that Tim Cook’s teams would finally catch up with the competition since Samsung and others have switched to this kind of screen with punch since 2019 …

The arrival of a pierced screen for the iPhone 14 would therefore mean the disappearance of the notch and therefore that of Face ID. Apple’s very efficient facial recognition system is in fact integrated into the current slot of the iPhone 13, with various sensors (infrared, proximity, etc.) making it possible to recognize the face of its user. We would have to find a way to place it differently if the American manufacturer wants to keep it. This could be done under the screen but the technical maneuver is perilous. The Elec specifies that the two iPhone 14 Pro concerned could, instead, benefit from the return of Touch ID, facial recognition, under the screen, as the competition does. Admittedly, it would be very practical to be able to unlock your iPhone again with a finger and no longer have to absolutely look at the top of the phone to do so. Even if all this will not change much at the price of the iPhone 14 which should at least equal that practiced for the various iPhone 13s in 2021. As a reminder, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Max in version 1 To cost 1739 and 1839 euros respectively.