May 13, 2022

Super EQ S1 review: Full and detailed review

I’ve tested quite a few headphones since I’ve been writing articles on this site, and I must admit that I’ve often been little surprised by entry-level audio headphones. Quite often they do the job, but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s the complete opposite of what Super EQ S1, which is certainly not an exceptional helmet but as I will explain, it has certain advantages that are worth seeing and all this in a rather nice design.


These Super EQ S1 headphones are entry-level lifestyle headphones, but that’s by no means to say that the quality and design work aren’t there. Indeed, although it sports a relatively sober design, the quality is there. (for its price of course).

The headband of the helmet is made up of two distinct parts with a fairly thick ABS plastic upper face of good quality, which is very good. On each side of this semi-circle, the slogan “Be Young” is found just above the extensions of the arch which allow it to be adjusted in height. Just below the arch is a comfort rubber that is quite pleasant to the touch, but I will come back to this for its comfort.

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The SuperEQ S1 ear cups are similar, there is an aluminum circle in their center with the brand logo in the center placed on the extension of the headband which holds the joint of the comfort foams.

The ear cups are quite thick, which allows the speakers to be integrated into them, but I will come back to this internal part later. As for the foams, they are made of thick imitation leather of very good quality, I have seen much worse on more expensive helmets than this one.

In the center of the foams, where the ears are placed, there is a thin membrane of fabric which features L or R indicators to clearly differentiate the two sides of the helmet and thus position it correctly on the head.

The only difference between the two earpieces is that only the right has the connection ports as well as the various control buttons. Indeed, on the right ear are placed the 3.5 mm jack port, the micro-USB charging port and the power button (which also serves as play/pause) with above and below, glued to this one, the volume control buttons.

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Personally, I find it unfortunate that the headphones are recharged via micro-USB, given the fact that nowadays USB Type-C no longer costs anything to integrate and is based on a question of practicality, because with a single cable, it is possible to recharge all its devices. In addition, the arrangement of the various buttons is quite unergonomic and pleasant to use, but in itself everything works perfectly, so this is not a major problem.

SuperEQ S1 Features

Model SuperEQ S1
helmet type Lifestyle
Headphone size 40mm
Harmony frequencies 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 98 dB SPL
Impedance 32 Ohms
Harmonic distortion < 10%
Microphone type Integrated
active noise reduction Yes
Compatibility PC, Mac, Xbox, Switch, PlayStation, Mobile
Drums 40 hours of battery life
Connection type
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Jack 3,5 mm
  • Micro USB
Tactile buttons Non

sound quality

As I said before, this is an entry-level headset, but here it does not mean that the headset has bad sound, far from it, I was even surprised.

The sound is not exceptional either, it is not a question of a high fidelity helmet either, nevertheless the equalization and the balances are very good. The bass is present, but not too pronounced unlike many headphones I’ve tested. The mids work perfectly and do what is asked of them, as do the highs which, on top of that, are quite clear and not too garish.

I still noticed a small black dot in the general quality of the sound of these headphones, at high volume, the sound can sometimes be a bit messy and lose its clarity, especially if the mix is ​​not good basic quality, or if a lot of tracks intersect with very saturated sounds.

Indeed, by testing on pop music, rap, medley, it is doing very well overall. On the other hand, if you start wanting to go to classical music where volume and tone variations are very present, you quickly see the limits. Quite similar with rock or more metal music, where the headphones quickly tend to make the result very messy at high volume, however up to 70% of the volume, we don’t really notice this problem.

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Small important point that I want to emphasize, the sound is of much better quality via the jack, although it is perfectly logical in itself and that it is a fact on any audio system, there it is frankly obvious. Not that the sound is bad in Bluetooth, but it remains more messy.

Another interesting point, these SuperEQ headphones have an active noise reduction device that filters between 28 dB and 33 dB, I was quite puzzled at first, but it works very well and is activated by pressing the button under the right ear cup.


In terms of comfort, it is good and bad at the same time. Indeed, although the foams of the ear cups are quite comfortable and make it possible to avoid fatigue in the long term, this is not the case with the headband. Although it is pleasant to the touch, it presses quite easily on the top of the head which is quite annoying in the long run and makes you want to take off the helmet to take breaks (something I personally don’t like to do with headphones).

But overall for a helmet under 100€ it is still very pleasant to wear on the head. In addition, it is perfectly adjustable from the sides of the roll bar with a retractable system of good quality and which allows it to be adapted as needed. This is an excellent point for this type of helmet which, despite its small problem with the headband, remains comfortable overall.

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In terms of connectivity, this headset has the essentials for my taste, although I regret the absence of a USB Type-C port. Nevertheless, it has useful connectors for its proper functioning. Which includes the following features:

  • Micro-USB for charging
  • Bluetooth
  • Jack 3.5 mm

Small autonomy point, it recharges via its micro-USB port in about 2 and a half hours for a charge maintenance for 40 hours in Bluetooth as well as 50 hours in jack, which is simply excellent for a helmet like this. Although with a USB Type-C port, the brand could have integrated fast charging, this is not really a problem given its autonomy.

Yes, the headphones need a battery even plugged into a jack, for the active reduction of ambient noise.

Test SuperEQ S1: Avis

The SuperEQ S1 headphones are affordable lifestyle headphones. It has pleasant features, such as active noise reduction which makes it very interesting all with good sound quality, excellent autonomy and good manufacturing quality. It will be the perfect companion for all those who want a good helmet without breaking the bank.

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Test SuperEQ S1

SuperEQ S1: Avis

The Super EQ headphones are good headphones with nice sound for great value for money with good sound and nice features like noise reduction.

  • Manufacturing quality
  • sound quality
  • Comfort
  • Connectivity
WE love

  • Its good build quality
  • Fairly good noise reduction
  • The pleasant sound
We love less

  • The lack of comfort of the headband