January 18, 2022

See the Northern Lights on a private island in Finland

Finland |
The Flash Pack company offers exceptional stays on a private island in Finland to observe the Northern Lights. | Source: Getty Images

FINLAND | It is rare to find places in the world that are still untouched by human activity, but it is not impossible. The Flash Pack company has just created an itinerary that takes travelers to a secluded private island in Finland, the perfect spot for viewing the Northern Lights. The route, baptized ” Finland’s Secret Island Takes place over four days on a private island located in the Finnish Arctic Circle.

During the day, the route includes an excursion in the silent and snow-covered forests. At night, the scenery will lend itself perfectly to the observation of the Northern Lights. “Many other stays offer these activities”, confides Lee Thompson, co-founder of Flash Pack. “Of course, we also offer them, but we take it one step further. “

So what does the itinerary include?

On the first day, after flying to Rovaniemi (Santa’s house) and having put on your jumpsuit to protect you from the cold, the team will bring the whole group together for a drink and dinner at the Gustav (one of the ten best restaurants in Finland). In the early morning you will travel by dog ​​sleds to the private island, where you can enjoy traditional Finnish saunas and a private chef. At dusk, the snowmobile excursion to the mainland of the island will make you discover the natural beauties of the place.

The following day will be devoted to cross-country skiing to admire the most breathtaking landscapes of the region. Then, after reaching the private island, you will dig your own hole in the ice to invigorate yourself by diving into the icy waters: a one-of-a-kind wellness experience. Once warmed up, you’ll travel on reindeer backs to return to the arctic wilderness, entering the territory of wolves and brown bears. On the last day you will enjoy the sauna after a relaxed and decadent breakfast before returning to the airport.

How did Flash Pack discover this unusual place? The company followed the advice of Jonathan Thompson, host ofAdventure Cities on the Discovery Channel, for whom the island is the best place on earth to observe the Northern Lights. Located in the Arctic Circle, the island of Vartiosaari was formerly used by the Finnish Defense Forces during World War II, from 1939 to 1944. As a result, the snow-covered island has no light pollution, which is perfect for viewing the night sky.

Flash-Pack offers adventurous and carefully selected group trips for solo travelers between the ages of 30 and 49. With their attention to the alchemy of the group and to experiences outside the box, the co-founders of the company, Radha Vyas and Lee Thompson, have passionately created comprehensive and exciting stays that build lasting and solid relationships. All of the tours offer experiences that are never before seen and nearly impossible to organize on your own, and the company takes care of all aspects of the trip (including generous tips for guides and staff along the way). Thus, travelers have nothing else to do than to let themselves be carried away by the beauty of the place.

“Traveling in a small group means you have access to off-the-beaten-path experiences that would be difficult to organize on your own,” says Lee Thompson. “At Flash Pack, we have assembled a panel of travel experts called Inside Pack. These experts are travelers themselves, and they help us design the most exciting and unique vacations possible. “

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Jordi Lippe-McGraw

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