May 18, 2022

O’Neill entrusts France to Lifestyle company

O’Neill opts for a change of model. The brand, founded in California in 1952 by surfer Jack O’Neill, who had developed the first models of neoprene wetsuits, is reviewing its distribution method in Europe. Owned by the Dutch group Logo International headed by Ronald de Waal, which bought the rights in 2007, O’Neill relies on the LaJolla group in the United States to develop the American market and operated through several entities in Europe.

Collaboration O’Neill with artist Jean Jullien – O’Neill

The management decided to stop their activity. In France, two operators will intervene: O’Neill Wetsuits, based in England which will offer the equipment and technical products, and the distribution agency The Lifestyle Company which will take charge of the ready-to-wear lifestyle offer. brand wear and accessories.

“Today, the brand is offered at around 120 retailers in France, with a strong presence by the sea, and at large accounts such as Au Vieux Campeur, Galeries Lafayette but also online at Hardloop or Private Sport Shop, explains Antoine Tinel, head of The Lifestyle Company, which also distributes brands like Fred Perry or Barbour. It’s a network a little different from the one we work with, even if some accounts also offer Ipanema. But we remain in a brand spectrum for which Lifetyle has expertise. An international brand, with a strong history and authenticity in its field. This will allow us to broaden the base of contacts “.

Antoine Tinel intends to rely on the network of surfshops, which has good seasons with the presence of French tourists on the coasts of France. And counts among the five to six strong brands in the sector, on the lifestyle component, relying in particular on a wide bathing offer and meeting a variety of needs, in particular among women, but also with a proposal with the attributes of increasingly important eco-responsibility. “O’Neill Blue, which marks products incorporating at least 50% of a sustainable or responsible material, today represents 86% of the O’Neill offer, specifies the distributor. consumption, with this commitment and a great fleece offer, the brand is in the trend “.

With this proposal, the new representative of the brand also intends to seduce downtown shops throughout France, betting, via a multiplier coefficient reassessed at 2.5, on the fact that with his T-shirts in 35 and 40 euros , these shorts between 50 and 60 euros and its fleece sweatshirts for less than 80 euros, the brand will offer a complementary mid-range proposition for stores offering labels like Superdry and Patagonia.

Antoine Tinel is currently in contact with existing O’Neill customers in France. They knew the team of the subsidiary, in particular Laurent Pacaud, who had defended the label for more than two decades in France. By coupling the strong affect of the surfing world for O’Neill and an urban and lifestyle potential to be explored, the new distributor aims to increase the brand’s sales from more than one million euros today to some five million in three years.

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