May 13, 2022

Lidl launches a new portable induction hob!

Lidl continues to satisfy its clientele at all levels. A portable induction hob should catch your eye!

Lidl continues to expand its catalog brilliantly to counter the competition. In the latest news, a new induction hob is moreover to be discovered right away… Moreover, it is also portable. We love ! MCE TV reveals everything to you.

Lidl brings out the heavy artillery to mark the occasion

To date, who has never done their little shopping at Lidl? There are… But they are rare!

Over the years, the German group has also been able to stand out from its biggest competitors. Like Auchan, Leclerc or even Carrefour.

It must be said that the sign has everything to please. On a daily basis, Lidl offers its customers a variety of items quality and at low prices.

Between clothes, high tech products or even food to name a few, it is impossible for you not to not find your happiness.

Of course, you can also discover the little nuggets of the brand via its social networks. Especially on Instagram.

All posts on the Web are always a great success with Internet users. Lidl’s marketing teams know exactly how attract its consumers.

For the holiday season, the discount giant was on all fronts to conquer the crowds. At the beginning of 2022, countless promotions certainly caught your eye.

Recently, decorative products have also been given pride of place. Countless plants are to buy now!

“Discover our selection of plants to brighten up your interior and/or exterior. Robust and easy to maintain, cacti and chrysanthemums are now returning to our supermarkets. Which will you choose? », can we read on one of the latest Lidl Instagram posts.

But now, a whole other article for cooking is also creating a buzz. The proof in pictures!

Lidl launches a new portable induction hob!

This portable induction conduction table has it all

The Lidl catalog is full of new products! In order not to tire its customers, the group continues to expand it. For each season, new trends.

In addition, everything is thought out to improve your daily life. Impossible to overlook the little gems for cooking.

As you have understood, this induction hob has just been unveiled by Lidl. If you are a real cordon bleu, this article should delight you.

Thus, cooking outdoors will become child’s play for you. Even at home, if you want additional and removable plates, you are served!

As a reminder, this plate is also powered with a 2 m cable. So you can plug it in wherever you want.

Its power is also 2,200 W. With induction, you can cook in complete peace of mind. What’s more, the energy will thus be optimized.

And that’s not all ! You will also have the choice between 10 levels as for cooking power. Temperatures vary between 60 and 240 degrees. Never seen !

And finally, eight automatic programs are possible. Like: keeping warm, simmering, but also frying to name a few.

The glass plate also has a secure system. This Lidl product is practical and measures 27 cm long and 31 cm deep. Its weight is 2.11 kilos. To get it, know that you will need pay 32.99 euros.

So, what are you waiting for to buy it? Go for it with your eyes closed!