May 13, 2022

Instagram: Top 10 of the most beautiful Airbnb accommodations most liked in 2021!

Discover the Top 10 most liked Airbnb accommodations on the rental service’s Instagram account.

Reference housing rental service, Airbnb shares photos of the most beautiful nuggets on his Instagram account. Ten posts thus seem to be unanimous among the 5 million subscribers! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Airbnb reveals its most beautiful nuggets

Founded in 2008, Airbnb established itself as the accommodation rental service the most popular and used in the world. No other seems to be able to compete!

Like many companies, he therefore has an Instagram account. Followed by 5 million Internet users, you can then find photos of the most beautiful homes available.

The latter thus follow the activity of the company with the greatest attention on a daily basis, in search of new little nuggets. And by the way, there are a lot of them!

The pictures are sublime and the accommodations, each more original than the next. Once on the profile, it’s hard to unhook… It grabs you!

During the day of Tuesday January 25, 2022, the site “I have a friend in the com” therefore selected posts with the most likes.

In tenth and last position, we then find a magnificent historic guesthouse located in Georgia. It is an old governors residence surrounded by trees.

Comes next a mexican hut located in the heart of the forest. Small, but practical, it guarantees a moment of calm, whatever the season.

To our delight, France is honored in this famous list of the most liked accommodations on the Airbnb Instagram account.

The Lafleur house is a “renovated 18ᵉ century farmhouse”. Located in the Landes, it offers large spaces, ideal for a stay with family or friends.

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The most beautiful accommodations on Instagram

The seventh accommodation on the list is in Serbia, or more precisely in Belgrade. Highly appreciated by Instagram users, it stands out for its setting.

Indeed, the “Mariner Boathouse” presents itself as a floating house. Yes, you did read that. It is surrounded by bodies of water!

We then find the amalfi village, also located in Mexico. “You won’t run out of space in this sumptuous villa with swimming pool and hot tub. »

Direction Oregon to discover the residence which is essential to the fifth place of the classification. It is la « Woodlands House », a soothing place to wish.

Still in the United States, the triangular cabin dubbed “The Kingdom A-Frame” appears to be one of the most popular places for Internet users.

We continue with le « Crow’s Nest », a small cocoon in the middle of the forest, ideal for a moment between lovers cut off from all civilisation. We love !

Comes next the Raven Rock Cabin, a real cabin nestled in a tree in North Carolina. It’s time to make a childhood dream come true!

Which accommodation is then at the top of the list? Cumulating the most “likes” on the Airbnb Instagram account, it is the “Zion EcoCabin”.

Its advantage? A breathtaking view of Zion Canyon. No, you’re not dreaming… Difficult to compete!