May 24, 2022

IKEA has released a candle with a surprising scent (but one that should appeal to fans of the brand)

“For many people, one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of IKEA is its delicious Swedish meatballs, available in all of the firm’s restaurants at a particularly affordable price.” These are the words of Sho Matsuzaki, Creative Director for Ogilvy, a global advertising agency also working for Coca-Cola or Nestlé. “There is no furniture chain with a gastronomic offer as recognized and followed as IKEA”, he continues in an interview for the New York Post. “For the tenth anniversary of the IKEA Family, we thought it would be appropriate to create something unexpected, something that IKEA Family members and meatball lovers would love. And for info: yes, these candles do smell of meatball ”.

You read correctly. The IKEA chain decided to create a meatball scent candle. Responding to the sweet name of MAIN ROLE, like the meatballs themselves, the candle is part of a limited edition box called “IKEA Store In A Box” which has the strange mission of containing in a box, as the name suggests, the whole atmosphere olfactory from IKEA stores to diffuse it in your interior. It can be won through a lottery organized among members of the IKEA Family, a group operating on the principle of a loyalty subscription with advantages for members. The last of these advantages would therefore be to be able to perfume your living room with a sweet aroma of minced meat.

In 2018, a netizen predicted the creation of the candle on Twitter by writing “IKEA should make a candle that would feel like their meatballs”. At the time, this tweet had no idea what it was going to spawn. But as incongruous as it may sound, the idea of ​​an unconventional scented candle is not new. In 2019, KFC sold a gravy scent candle, that thick brown sauce that accompanies their chicken, and last year, actress Gwyneth Paltrow marketed a candle that replicated the smell of her vagina. Go find out what the next fragrance will be on the list.