July 1, 2022

IDEAT’s selection for Christmas 2021

No more mirrors, lamps or beautiful seats, this Christmas list is devoted to lifestyle gifts to offer in 2021.

For perfectionists

The napkin ring is the secret of a successful table. The designer Anissa Kermiche, best known for these XXL vases representing female busts, uses another part of the body to make it a useful object. This time, it is logically a hand which freezes in ceramic, ready to welcome these placemats which make all the difference for a dining decoration.

> The napkin ring trio, £ 80. A lifestyle gift for Christmas to find on anissakermiche.com.

For coffee addicts

café nuances packaging

Brand new roasting house, Café Nuances shakes up the codes of artisanal coffee and stands out in an unexpected universe. If you can run there for a take-out coffee or enjoy your latte for a longer period in a setting designed by Uchronia, the good idea will be to bring a few beans home. Ground or not, depending on your coffee maker model, Nuances offers five exceptional coffees: Slow Dance (from Brazil), Rose des Sables (from Ethiopia), Coffee & Cigarettes (from Burundi), Wabi (from Guatemala) and Meteorite ( Columbia). The little extra? Their almost fashionable packaging ready to be placed at the foot of the tree.

> From € 15 for 250g. At Café Nuances, 25 Rue Danielle Casanova, 75001 Paris.

For zen lovers

augur sage IOM inès olympe mercadier

Yoga enthusiasts know this, burning sage at home purifies the interiors and keeps bad vibes away. If these small dried bouquets are now found in all stores dedicated to well-being, Inès Olympe Mercadal is teaming up with Augur to create her own colorful version of the quintessential Zen kit.

> Augur x IOM kit, € 55. On augur.love.

For fashionistas

cery passport holder

If the devil is in the details, does elegance nestle in the depths of a handbag? The French label Cery uses scraps of leather from the big houses to make its unisex leather goods. Whether you fall for a passport, card or coin holder, each piece is unique and testifies to craftsmanship.

> Passport holder, € 85. The card holder 100 €. On ceryparis.com.

For the weathervanes

and their holiday

Choosing a perfume is a difficult task. If some have dragged the same fragrance since adolescence, others can not find the juice that corresponds to them. The Franco-New York brand Le Labo had the idea for the holidays of a box set made up of six of their bestsellers in order to allow the recipient to test and approve (or not) the different scents, in order to perhaps appropriate one.

> Box of six perfumes of 5ml, 109 €. Available in store and on lelabofrangrances.com

For daredevils

skate atypical conran shop

After the hype born in the 80s, skateboarding is making a comeback. If we meet more and more followers on the sidewalks, boards are also multiplying and making their entry into designers. Atypical, a brand of prestige entirely handmade skateboards, is proof of this, since it signs three models for the Conran Shop.

> Atypical skate available in three colors, 195 €. On conranshop.fr.

For music lovers

pantheone white audio connected

Minimalist sculpture to be placed on the ground, the Pantheone I speaker is at the same time aesthetic, powerful, connected and easy to use. Rewarded with a Red Dot Award, it is the largest speaker compatible with Alexa and offers a 360 ° acoustic experience thanks to its eight speakers and class D amplification.

> Pantheone I connected speaker by Pantheone Audio, € 2,499. On conranshop.fr.

For those who live under cover

french cliche victor cadene nappe gold

Positioned between a publisher and an artists’ house, French Cliché revisits the imagination of the French lifestyle. For the Gold tablecloth, it was Victor Cadène who designed a hand-crafted collector’s item, like a work of art to be displayed not on these walls but horizontally.

> Gold tablecloth by Victor Cadène, 310 €. On frenchcliché.com.

For gourmets

caviar caviar paris

Caviar is an exceptional product that does not land on a table by chance.. Wouldn’t Christmas be the perfect pretext to invite her to your home? The French house Kaviari offers, in these shops («Delicacies») and online, different types of eggs (Osciètre, Baeri, Beluga, Kristal, Transmontanus) and packaging, as well as a complete panoply of delicacies that will transport those who receive them.

> From € 48.90 for 30g. In all Kaviari Delikatessen and online.

For housewives

Russian house silk pajamas

Maison Russe is undoubtedly the it-spot for the end of the year. Much more than a restaurant, this prestigious address also houses a boutique in which pieces specially designed for the home are available. Artistic director of this space, Cordelia de Castellane also signs the dressing of certain products, such as pajamas and kimono, two pieces of homewear made of silk.

> Pajamas € 310. Kimono 320 €. Available only at the restaurant shop, 59 Av. Raymond Poincaré, 75016 Paris.

For (non) smokers

lemon ashtray villa arev - IDAT

(S ‘) offer an ashtray already full, what a funny idea! However, if you look at it twice, the Villa Arev ashtrays move away from their common use to resemble a piece of art. Whether they are garnished with lemon, oyster shells or even cigarette butts already consumed, these cups do not have to fulfill their original role to invite themselves into an interior. Each piece is handmade, in Paris, by designer Gabrielle Thomassian.

> Large lemonade ashtray, € 245. Plaisir Solitaire ashtray, € 180.

For bearded people

rasage lorenzi milan

Shaving is a sacred time for some. In order to recreate the experience of a barber shop at home, Lorenzi Milano imagined two shaving sets with a vintage look. Composed of a razor equipped with a Gillette pro blade and a natural bristle shaving brush, these are two pretty lifestyle gift ideas for Christmas.

> Lorenzi Milano shaving set, € 635. On frankbros.com.

For the daffodils

mirror pond table ferm living

Installed on a thin, removable metal stand, the Pond table mirror by Ferm Living brings a modern touch to a classic design. Inspired by the movements of water, it invites fluid and organic shapes on a dresser or in a bathroom.

> Pond mirror, Ferm Living, € 79. On Silvera.fr.

For fine noses

ginori lifestyle gift diffuser

Let’s face it: room diffusers are often lacking in taste. A past master of the art of porcelain since 1735, the year of its creation, the Italian Ginori imagined for the holidays three smelling heads, equally chic of decoration, decorated by hand with precious metals. A trio of lifestyle gifts to offer for Christmas, together or separately.

> L’Amazone Lavander / red clay / pure white, € 380. On ginori1735.com.

For the sweet tooth

the cubs of cyril lignac

When there is no more, there is still! The adorable (and delicious) chocolate bears by Cyril Lignac can now be found in your mailbox, thanks to a subscription system. Milk chocolate or praline, one or more boxes, with an XL teddy bear in addition, all with the possibility of changing your mind as often as you want… Wouldn’t that be the ideal Christmas present?

> The box of 16 bears, from € 28. On cyrillignac.com.

For Apple addicts

apple homepod mini hero

Apple expands its home automation range with its new HomePod mini. Imagined so that « everyone can express their personality » Through the colors of this small portable speaker, the object nonetheless remains a jewel of technology. Its impeccable – on the scale of its scale -, connectivity with all the applications of the Apple brand, design with a scalpel… This discreet audio sphere can also be used in synergy so that each room of the house is bathed in its own atmosphere.

> HomePod mini, 99 €. Sur apple.com.

For the unperturbed

the borealis octopus puzzles - IDEAT

Containment having been there, the puzzle is back in the spotlight. Les Puzzles du Poulpe, under the leadership of Christophe Lemaire, offers original, exclusive and eco-responsible creations. Composed of a thousand pieces, these boxes will put a strain on the most patient but deserve to end up framed!

> Borealis puzzle by Clémence Polge, 49 x 68 cm, € 38. On lepuzzledupoulpe.fr.

Bonus: there won’t be something for everyone!

martell pierre marie

And Cognac was becoming trendy? This is the intention of Martell, historic French producer of Cognac, widely known in China and the Americas, but still very little in the land of his roots. For Christmas, the house has entrusted its flagship bottle to the care of the ornamentalist Pierre Marie, who has dressed it up with a skit evoking the Universal Exhibition of 1900, in which Martell had participated. Please note, this will only be available in France until December 13, 2021, exclusively at Galeries Lafayette Haussman.

> Martell bottle in Paris, € 276. Available at the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann corner. Only until December 13, 2021.