January 25, 2022

Here is the most beautiful jersey in NBA history and we can say that it is a surprise

After the best team in NBA history, here is the most beautiful jersey of all time. Unlike the five major, it was not the Chicago Bulls 1995-1996 who repotted the timpani. However, the jersey (“jersey” in English) was well in contention to win this honorary title. The NBA first asked a European panel of journalists, celebrities and influencers, made up of 47 people, to vote for the most beautiful tunic from a large selection. A vote in which we had the chance to participate, our favorite being, of course, among the finalists.

The choice was not easy … © NBA

They were 10 on the starting line for this final, with institutions such as the Boston Celtics 1985-1986, the Los Angeles Lakers 1996-1997, the Orlando Magic 1994-1995 and the Chicago Bulls 1995-1996. And against all expectations, the European fans who voted chose the one from… Toronto. Yes, Toronto, year 1998-1999. It’s the Vince Carter era and his smashes from another planet. The jersey is iconic with that crackling purple and that red basketball dinosaur in the paw but we thought more classic styles would prevail. This is how… This jersey wins ahead of that of the Chicago Bulls, 1995-1996 vintage, and the Philadelphia 76ers 2000-2001 season during which the team led by the stratospheric Allen Iverson would fail in the final against the Lakers after yet to have won the first game of the Finals in California. The result of this vote for the most beautiful jersey in NBA history is a bit surprising but it is final.

In conclusion, we remind you that the NBA is celebrating its 75 years throughout this 2021-2022 season. There will also be other votes: the All-Time European NBA Moment from February 28 to March 7, 2022 and the All-Time NBA European First and Second Teams from March 28 to April 10, 2022. Tony Parker may be in the party, who knows?

The ranking of the most beautiful jerseys in NBA history
1. Toronto Raptors saison 1998-1999 (18,8 %)
2. Chicago Bulls saison 1995-1996 (14,1 %)
3. Philadelphia 76ers 2000-2001 season (12.8%)
4. Los Angeles Lakers saison 1996-1997 (10,4 %).
5. Boston Celtics saison 1985-1986 (9,3%)

The Toronto Raptors jersey for the 1998-1999 season. © NBA


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