July 2, 2022

Here is the longest pedestrian walk in the world (22,500 kilometers)

Hiking enthusiasts, this article should please you! You are surely used to covering kilometers on foot through forests and beaten paths. But have you ever walked close to 22,530 kilometers? Well, for the brave, it is possible!

Indeed, there is a path crossing the world from South Africa to the far northeast of Russia. If you are one of the bravest, know that this route is done only on foot, crossing the sea and rivers using small bridges.

The longest walking distance on Earth

With a distance of over 22,000 kilometers, this path is undoubtedly the longest existing on Earth. This ends in the northeast of Russia; it is currently impossible to go further since the path is no longer passable on foot.

In order to cover this distance, a person walking at a normal pace would need close to three years to come to the end of this long walk. In addition, some essential items will need to be taken by the walker. He would even have to sell some of them to buy others on the way.

This very long road passes through all climates, from the hottest to the coldest. But it is also strewn with pitfalls such as countries at war or even possible encounters with tropical animals.

Pilgrimages get pretty quick compared to this one

It is well known that thousands of people travel long distances every year on different pilgrimages. Well, for comparison, know that the various pilgrimages that exist are only part of the fun next to the longest path in the world.

To give you an idea, the Camino de Santiago which leads to the Sanctuary of Saint James the Apostle located in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela only covers about 800 kilometers.

The Appalachian Trail, meanwhile, runs along the eastern edge of the United States for a distance of approximately 3,200 kilometers “only”. In other words, compared to the 22,350 kilometer path, it is only a walk in the park.

Arthur Blessit, or the man who traveled the longest distance in the world

Arthur Blessit, 79, is known as the man who made the longest religious pilgrimage. Himself, this man has traveled more than 64,373 kilometers since 1969. Although he did not cover this distance all at once, Arthur Blessit trod the seven continents that make up our Earth. And all this while carrying a large cross and preaching his Christian beliefs.

Photo credit: Google Map (click to enlarge)

During his 50-year career as a walker, Arthur Blessit therefore traveled the world and walked in all the nations of the Earth. And this, as far as Antarctica.

At the rate at which this man made the longest known pilgrimage, it would take him about 13 years to walk this 22,350 kilometer path. Not to mention the necessary stops each day to regain strength. Suffice to say that not everyone can achieve this feat which remains to this day never achieved.