May 22, 2022

Here are the 5 cities in France where people are the happiest

The association towns and villages of France has unveiled the 2022 winners in the Sunday newspaper. This is based on 187 criteria such as transport, hospitals, shops, education but security, shops, services, health, solidarity, sports and leisure, time, real estate attractiveness. Here is the Top 5 of this Top 500.

5th: Caen

Yes, but life is good in Caen. This medieval town has it all for history and culture lovers. Caen is also known for having many parks where it is good to relax. Whether you like culture or a siesta, Caen will make you happy.

4th: La Rochelle

La Rochelle, a city based on the Atlantic coast, has managed to preserve its natural heritage and its architecture, while innovating. With these great beaches, La Rochelle is a perfect place for families. And with its high number of schools, parents are in heaven.

3rd: Bayonne

Bayonne comes in third place, and it’s not surprising with the beauty of the city, its festivals and its ham fair. There is everything to be happy in this city with the colors and scents of holidays, all year round. Whether you like partying, food or sports, Bayonne always has something to offer you.

2nd: Annecy

With these breathtaking landscapes, it’s no surprise to find Annecy in second place in the ranking. A small town nestled between the mountains and its lake, Annecy is a little corner of paradise for people who love nature and calm. And finally, Annecy changes its face every season. Another good reason to live there!

1st: Angers

Having come in third place last year, Angers finds itself on the top of the podium for the year 2022. It is not a surprise for the mayor of the city, Christophe Béchu, who declares: “ It’s a city on a human scale, human contacts are easy and at the same time, we are an hour and a half from Paris, from the sea”. Enough to make you want to definitely put your suitcases there.

More generally, this Top 500 demonstrates the quality of life in the Great West with 14 western municipalities in the Top 20. Large cities such as Paris, Lyon and Marseille have fallen sharply against cities, for example, such as Rennes or Towers. Who have more space and more local services.

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