May 13, 2022

Food, lifestyle, beauty… Here are our tips for the week

Drinks: Like clockwork

You don’t have a car? Then you know how tedious shopping can be! Especially if you were thinking of buying more than one bottle of wine or a carton of fruit juice. Now Cheers to You comes to your aid! They deliver all your favorite drinks to your doorstep by cargo bike (bonus points for sustainability). From fresh fruit juice from Pajottenland to Brussels rum, the list is not exhaustive. In addition, during the next delivery, the courier will pick up your emptying. For now, Cheers to You only delivers to Brussels, but plans to expand throughout Belgium.

Food: Eat tuna without feeling guilty

Tuna is a real delicacy, but unfortunately this fish is gradually becoming an endangered animal species. Well, a vegetable alternative is now on the market! VUNA is produced with pea protein, but tastes like tuna. Whether you’re participating in Veganuary or just being curious, it’s worth a taste.

3,99 €

Beauty: Shampoings & Co végans

weDo/ not only pampers your hair, but also the planet. The wide range of vegan and cruelty-free products have up to 50% fewer ingredients than average hair cosmetic brands. In addition, the packaging is made from materials that have already been recycled and can be recycled again after use. weDO/ is part of Wella Company and has become a real “ecolab” that sees things from a new angle. You receive a handy little bamboo storage box for your shampoo bar and the same balm is offered to keep both the tips of your hair and your lips in shape.

From €14.90

Lifestyle: Sweet dreams

Your sleep pattern has not yet recovered from New Year’s Eve? Sometimes we all need a little help to fall more quickly into the arms of Morpheus. Swiss Sense has created the Moments Pillow Spray which diffuses a soothing scent on your pillow or in your bedroom. Lavender soothes, eucalyptus clears the respiratory tract and rose banishes insomnia. Good night!

12,95 euros

Food: Culinary grandeur of yesteryear

We are in 1928. In the chic Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert in Brussels, La Taverne du Passage opens its doors. Very quickly, this brasserie became a safe bet because of its traditional atmosphere and its Belgian dishes. Today, nearly 100 years later, the brewery is back. After major renovations to bring a modern touch to its art-deco interior, La Tavernedu Passage is once again offering its customers delicious shrimp croquettes, North Sea sole and vol-au-vent from very high level.