July 3, 2022

Exceptional end-of-year celebrations at the Four Seasons George V!

© Four Seasons George V

At the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris is a party! From Valentine’s Day to Easter via Fashion Week, the address meets us at every festive moment as an ode to perpetual life. When Christmas comes, the establishment unfolds all its art, confirming that it is indeed the star of Parisian palaces. On the menu: a star-studded culinary show, a shower of gold and luminous silver, a majestic Christmas tree, grandiose floral decorations by star Jeff Leatham and an enchanting atmosphere that inspires dreams.

As soon as the revolving door is crossed, the magic operates. Cradled by the enchantment that takes hold of every corner: the gallery, the lobby, the bar, the exterior courtyard enamelled with marble, the apartments… the guest rediscovers his child’s soul. Behind this scenography conducive to regressive sequences, we find all the talent of the artist Jeff Leatham. This iconoclast has been reinventing himself for two decades with disconcerting creativity! His signature ? ” No more than three variants in the same tone; three botanical varieties together to the maximum for a subtle and inevitably chic effect. “. Extremely simple, say it like that!

Jeff Leatham © Getty Images

Within everyone’s reach, really? Not so sure ! The American passionate about fashion and design, but especially flowers, invented a discipline: pictorial and instagrammable floral art (before the hour) nourished by his three passions. Its bouquets are a blossoming of roses, dahlias, orchids, hydrangeas, gladioli… perfectly chiseled specimens, sculpted from their rigid entwined stems and presented tilted, even lying down. This Leatham technique creates a devilishly photogenic voluminous effect that transforms the decorative accessory into a work of art.

So, whether we are sensitive to flowers or not, we stop and contemplate. Several times a year, the Californian comes to put his grain of creative madness in the spaces of the George V, making the place a permanent celebration. For this edition, the magician is still offering us an ornamental festival to discover first-hand, of course! Small indiscretion, the budget allocated to the beauty of the palace for the festive season exceeds one million euros …

© Four Seasons George V

Christmas, according to the Four Seasons George V, is also from the cuisines that the celebrations emanate. Gourmets will meet around a delicious tea-time imagined by executive pastry chef Michael Bartocetti. A symphony of delicate and comforting bites to savor in the warm setting of the Gallery. Scones and tasty pastries set the tone for what comes next, the famous homemade log. The 2021 vintage reinterprets the curves of a Christmas tree with its elegant graphic dress. At its heart, it offers us five levels, each revealing a complementary fragrance and texture with a dominant of surprising cocoa notes.

Four Seasons George V© Bruno Clergue

We find Gwell, a fermented milk from Brittany with acidic and lactic flavors, infused with Espelette pepper. A creamy milk chocolate from Peru 40%, balanced by round and biscuit notes, enhanced by the aromas of jalapenos. A fondant praline with pecan nuts and Sobacha, a crunchy chocolate, kasha, fleur de sel and a soft biscuit with roasted buckwheat flour, cocoa diffuse their crunch for a maximum prolonged taste experience. A limited edition high-flying dessert to be reserved in advance!

After this “appetizer”, it’s time for starry feasts.

Michelin-starred chef Christian Le Squer © Stéphane de Bourgies

To experience the magic of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, savory and sweet bites meet the exceptional: with its three restaurants cumulating five stars in the Michelin guide, a first in Europe, the Palace is the kingdom of epicureans . At Five, they will be carried away by the exquisite cuisine of the three-star chef Christian Le Squer, accompanied by the most beautiful bottles selected by another notorious character, the vice-best sommelier of the world Eric Beaumard. The George immerse you in the Mediterranean terroir in order to enjoy good food in sharing and conviviality.

We feast as happy as at home surrounded by loved ones with the luxury of savoring the dishes of starred chef Simone Zanoni. What to forge the most beautiful memories in the most beautiful avenue in the world!

To continue this festive winter day, guests can join the Bar and meet around the signature “Let it Wood” cocktail, specially created for the occasion. Den of an urban fauna as chic as it is eclectic, your gaze will undoubtedly meet that of a famous footballer, a star model or that of the last hit-girl, all doubly unconditional of the address at the time of the holidays.

© Four Seasons George V

We prolong the joy during a Christmas and New Year’s brunch. An unprecedented gourmet break to experience in the majestic setting of the Five. Around delicious pastries imagined by the new head baker Guillaume Cabrol, great classics of French pastry revisited by Michael Bartocetti or a farandole of dishes prepared on a buffet. It is sworn … we take the resolution to attend the gym assiduously at the start of the school year!

In the meantime, we commune with the City of Light by following the recommendations of the Head concierge of the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Roderick Levejac,: “ After the New Year’s Eve dinner, walk to the Arc de Triomphe and enjoy the magnificent sound and light show projected on the facade of the iconic Parisian monument. The magic will be even more beautiful with the famous countdown which will accompany the transition to the new year. ».

Chef Concierge Roderick Levejac © Four Seasons George V

Fairyland, gluttony, beauty, friendliness and lightness, we could not ask for a better wishlist!

Four Seasons Hotel George V
31 Avenue George V
75008 Paris 8

Phone: +33 (0) 1 49 52 70 00

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