May 24, 2022

Coffee is good for athletic performance, here’s why

Coffee, one of the most popular drinks in the world, confirms itself as an important ally both for those who do not want to miss any of the competitions broadcast on television, even at night, but also for the athletes who will try to win. a medal and break world records. The fact that caffeine is useful for athletes is not new; it is found in many energy and isotonic drinks.

Before running, training or cycling, before anaerobic physical exertion, it serves to increase athletic performance. This is recalled by a large meta-analysis of 21 studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, according to which caffeine can bring multiple benefits in the sport. In particular, it can improve muscle endurance and appears to have a stronger positive effect on aerobic activities than on anaerobic activities.

Dr JW Langer, nutrition expert and professor of medical pharmacology at the University of Copenhagen, said: “When it comes to coffee and caffeine, the results are clear: caffeine can help improve performance. studies show that athletes who consume caffeine before a race or sporting event are able to go faster, hold longer, and recover faster than those who don’t get that extra boost. especially true for endurance activities, such as cross-country running.

All the benefits of coffee in different sports

1. Better performance for coffee lovers: Several studies, including one on endurance exercise and jumping and another on a 5km cycling time trial, have shown that caffeine leads to improvement. sports activity among regular and occasional users.

2. Increased alertness and reflexes: Low to moderate caffeine consumption before or during exercise can help improve certain key cognitive functions in sport, including energy levels, mood, reaction time. and memory.

3. Drinking Coffee Helps Maintain Hydration: Although caffeine can have a mild diuretic effect, drinking a cup of coffee contributes to the body’s daily fluid intake.

4. Faster runners: Research has shown that drinking a cup of coffee before a 1 mile run can improve male runners’ times by 2%. Athletes who drank caffeinated coffee ran about 4 seconds faster than those who drank decaffeinated coffee, while those who drank a placebo ran 5 seconds faster.

5. Improves performance over medium distances: A study of amateur runners showed that taking caffeine supplements during a 5 km run was more beneficial than taking a placebo.

6. The ally of footballers: caffeine, taken 5 to 60 minutes before training, could produce significant beneficial effects in footballers, particularly in terms of jumping, sprinting and distance, as well as improving the time of exhaustion, the height of the jump in counter-movement and the perception of the effort. This data, which contrasts with another study which found no particular benefit to caffeine, which remains safe, shows that it is essential to continue to study the relationship between sport and coffee.

Via GQ Italie