May 13, 2022

CES 2022: LG is about to unveil its new line of Lifestyle TVs

At CES 2022, LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its original line of Lifestyle TVs, designed and developed for today’s home-centric lifestyle. Offering maximum versatility, sleek spatial integration and more convenient ways to get things done, LG Lifestyle TVs can help transform a home into an office, gym, gallery, workshop or entertainment center, all while enhancing the decor and making daily life more enjoyable. .

Highlighting this groundbreaking range are LG Objet TV (model 65Art90) and LG StanbyME (model 27Art10), two innovations that eschew conventional display design to deliver new value and user experiences. With their unprecedented form factors and functionality, these distinctive products are the perfect solutions for today’s multifunctional homes, where working, learning, entertaining and relaxing are part of everyday life.

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Resembling a canvas, LG Objet TV blends seamlessly into any room with its minimalist style and subtle use of neutral colors bringing immediate sophistication and visual harmony to any interior space. LG Objet TV adapts to different user needs with just the push of a button on the included LG remote by raising or lowering a fabric cover as the viewer sees fit. Lower the lid to reveal the full expanse of the screen for the maximum viewing experience or partially cover the screen to view only a curated selection of lifestyle features.

In Full View mode, LG Objet TV’s 65-inch OLED evo panel and advanced processor deliver a stunning viewing experience bringing content of any genre to life with vivid, accurate colors and exceptional contrast.

In addition to superb picture quality, the premium TV features an 80W 4.2-channel sound system that delivers cinematic sound to ensure total viewer immersion. When set to Line View, the TV can help users stay on track throughout the week with Date and Clock, turn into a handy audio player in the Music setting, or display a collection of pictures exclusive space and nature themed images when set to Gallery. 1

The interchangeable fabric cover, which sets the LG Objet TV apart from all other TVs on the market today, is a product of Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat. The three colors available – Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood, Kvadrat Green – have all been carefully selected for their ability to match a wide color palette and blend in with a range of interior designs.

Installation is as elegantly simple as the design of the Objet TV itself. Slim yet sturdy, the TV is designed to be placed against a wall at a gentle angle of up to 5 degrees, just like artwork is displayed in a modern gallery. The TV’s in-cable bezel system makes it easy to connect external devices like a cable box or game console while maintaining its clean, contemporary lines. The TV can even be installed flush with the wall for maximum integration into your living space. 2

The other innovation in LG’s new Lifestyle TV range, LG StanbyME, is the perfect companion for today’s TV viewing habits. The one-of-a-kind entertainment center is a wireless private TV screen with a built-in battery attached to a mobile stand with concealed wheels that allows for three hours of viewing before recharging.

LG StanbyME can be easily moved from room to room for ultimate viewing freedom, its 27-inch screen is the perfect size not only for movies, TV shows and streaming video content, but also for video conferences with family and colleagues and viewing conferences online.

LG StanbyME offers unparalleled convenience and viewing comfort with its ergonomic design. The screen can swivel, tilt, and swivel in landscape and portrait orientation. The height can be adjusted, allowing the viewer to customize the position according to the usage scenario, ensuring optimal comfort when lying in bed, cooking in the kitchen or lying on the sofa in the living room.

Casting content to LG StanbyME is a breeze thanks to Mobile Screen Mirroring that works seamlessly with the latest Android and iOS smartphones and NFC. A detachable stand allows the viewer to place a phone on top of the LG StanbyME to create a quick and secure solution for video calls, online classes and streaming content. Users can also connect their laptops or PCs to StanbyME via wired (USB, HDMI) or wireless connection.

Intuitive control options including remote, touch and gesture recognition make LG StanbyME even more user-friendly. The user interface designed specifically for this product is unlike any TV user interface and is tailored to the viewer’s personal viewing experience.

Like its Lifestyle TV sibling, LG StanbyME has an understated, modern design that complements a wide variety of decors. Featuring a back cover upholstered in a textured fabric and finished in an Exclusive Pure Beige, the TV brings a warm, natural feel to any space. When not in use as a TV,
LG StanbyME can help set the mood by displaying beautiful artwork, photos or a calendar with clock.

Be among the first to see these LG Lifestyle TVs at CES 2022 by visiting on January 4 at 8:00 a.m. PST.