May 13, 2022

Baluchon: Flamenco, a charming tiny-house inspired by caravans

You already know the Baluchon brand, probably one of the French tiny-house manufacturers that we present the most in our articles. It must be said that the Nantes-based company seduces with its original concept! At Baluchon, the tiny houses adapt to the desires of customers and not the other way around. This is the case of the Flamenco Tiny House, a tiny house concept that looks like a pretty trailer. Flamenco is now installed somewhere in Gironde and makes Aline happy, who wanted it in her image. Since 2015, Baluchon has been building personalized tiny rooms that have met with great success with those who want to change their lives. Presentation.

Flamenco, a tiny house trailer!

A few years ago we might just have called it a trailer. Aren’t caravans and caravans the ancestors of what we now call tiny houses? The first characteristic of Flamenco, it’s obviously his form… It is not square or rectangular, but rounded in shape. In the shape of a dome, its cover was designed in aluminum to protect its owner from the vagaries of the weather.

Aline had one wish: “I would like a trailer-inspired tiny house, but with contemporary architecture. A trailer of modern times!”Aline’s choice was of course respected… La Flamenco has a rounded, unique structure. It forms a semicircle which is extended by two roof ladders. The windows placed on each side seem integrate with the rounded roof which descends very low on the facades. The red aluminum cover indeed descends on the walls and envelops the tiny house entirely.

Photo credit: Baluchon

The interior of the Flamenco

One enters the Flamenco for an arched door which is made of glass and sliding. Above, a window has been installed to let in daylight. Aline didn’t want a bed upstairs, so she chose a sofa bed in the living room. As for the mezzanine, it serves as an attic and therefore a storage room, but it could accommodate a double bed without any worries.

In the bathroom, there is a dry toilet with a stainless steel bucket and an integrated chip compartment. The shower measures 80x80cm and it can also count on a small piece of furniture just above the toilet. As for storage, Aline has a large wardrobe next to the bathroom. As for the kitchen, it is equipped with an electric oven, a sink, clay blocks for storing bottles, hotplates, a hot water tank and a refrigerator. On the large worktop, Aline has enough space to concoct delicious meals. Flamenco can accommodate between 2 and 4 people by transforming the mezzanine into a sleeping area

Inside the Tiny House Baluchon: Flamenco
Photo credit: Baluchon

The technical characteristics of Flamenco

  • Chassis: Baluchon trailer with paint option
  • Useful length: 6 meters
  • Frame: Class 2 spruce
  • Insulation: Cotton, linen and hemp for the floor and the walls; wood fiber for the ceiling
  • Windows and door: Mixed aluminium/wood joinery and double glazing
  • Hardware: Würth
  • Rain barrier and vapor barrier: Proclimat rain barrier and OuatEco vapor barrier (humidity variable)
  • Household appliances: De Dietrich electric water heater, Klarstein electric refrigerator, Hotpoint gas cooker
  • Parquet / Solid spruce floor and slats screwed on joists
  • Cover: Aluminum tray with standing seams, one of which is curved
  • Cladding: Cladding in natural red cedar with anti-UV saturator and red cedar tinted white
  • Paneling: White raw spruce
  • Furniture: Oak and spruce
  • Ventilation: Lunos double-flow CMV + 2 air extractors
  • Electrical equipment: Legrand and LED lighting
  • The little extra of Flamenco: A terrace and an access staircase to the outside!