May 12, 2022

Alpha Tiny Houses, a new builder of tiny houses in Berry

We often talk to you about tiny-houses, and we have to admit that they have been top of the bill for a few months already… We still don’t know if the different periods of forced isolation that we have experienced are responsible for this craze. , But the facts are there ! While real estate prices tend to soar more than reason, the prices of tiny-houses remain affordable, even for first-time buyers. In Berry, Alexandre Faulcon probably felt that the market was buoyant, reports the site. Indeed, he has just launched his own company of construction of tiny-houses… Presentation ofAlpha tiny houses, a new French brand that promises magnificent constructions.

Tiny houses, a philosophy above all

Alexandre Faulcon and his wife were personally committed to an eco-responsible lifestyle. While they were looking to create a meaningful activity, it was almost natural that their choice was oriented towards the construction of tiny-houses. In his region, no company of this kind existed yet, so he decided to start… And he is now the only one in the sector to build tiny houses for individuals. After 10 years of work in the building, Alexandre creates Alpha Tiny Houses and enters the universe of tiny-houses!

Que propose Alpha Tiny Houses ?

His very young company will officially open its doors at the beginning of next March. The phenomenon of tiny-houses appeared in France in 2014, and since then their growth has continued to grow. The Alpha Tiny Houses workshop will be located in Levroux, in the Bel-Air area. The contractor has partnered with Elodie Charrier, interior designer, in order to offer the best configuration to their future clients. Three basic models will be offered to customers which may also be possible in self-construction. The configurations of the tiny-houses will be left to the wishes of the customers. Obviously, Alpha Tiny-Houses will also offer turnkey delivery of these tiny-houses?

The choice of materials and the price?

According to its founder, Alpha Tiny Houses will focus on the choice of materials that must be biosourced or recycled. He will work with a French sawmill, Méobecq, which is also PEFC certified. The wood will therefore come from sustainably managed forests. As for the prices, they will vary between €40,000 for the smallest and €70,000 for the largest, which will be 2.50 meters wide by 4 meters high. The website should soon see the light of day, and it’s a great adventure that should begin in Berry.

Image d’illustration. Crédit photo : Shutterstock / Gearstd

What permits to build a tiny house?

If you plan to use Alpha Tiny Houses for your tiny house project, you will have to follow the ALUR law. In fact, it will be the use you make of your tiny house that will determine the need for a building permit.

  • If your tiny-house remains mobile, then you can park it on your land for up to 3 months without authorization.
  • You wish to park it for more than 3 months in the same place, you will then need an authorization from your town hall
  • If you want to make your tiny-house a permanent home, then you will need to consider a planning permit if it does not exceed 20 m² of footprint or a building permit if it is more than 20 m² .

Finally to be able to move it, You will need to hold a BE license if the tiny and the trailer exceed the weight of 3.5 tons. Which is very often the case.