May 26, 2022

A new concept of mini wooden house: glamping pods!

In the 80s, future owners dreamed of a big house … Preferably with one floor, several bathrooms, a basement … Becoming an owner involved, most of the time, the purchase of a large house, and Hard ! Those who, at the time, chose a more bohemian life by placing a mobile home on their land were considered “poor”!

But times have changed, and today, future buyers would rather be looking … for the minimum! We can see it perfectly with the tiny-houses which are very popular… Make way for “Glamping Pods”, we explain everything to you.

What is a Glamping Pod?

The company Norida Pods, founded by the Swedish Fredrik Axelsson and the American Lars Dyrendahl offers glamping pods. Halfway between the tiny house and the hobbit house, they look like small capsules that you put wherever you want: the two founders of the company have designed a new DIY kit that allows you to build your tiny house in about 60 hours. The glamping pods kit looks a bit like an Ikea kit, with the difference that you do not assemble a piece of furniture but a house. What is more, the realization can be fast since the delivery is done in a week.

What does the Norida Pods kit contain?

Each capsule consists of an oval house made from Scandinavian pine. All wood structures come from European pines and are then shipped to Florida. Inside the kit, we find: the structure, the doors, the windows and all the screws necessary for the assembly of the Glamping Pods. Currently, delivery is only possible in the United States, and is suitable for campsites and gardens … They can also be very practical for individuals wishing to create an annex to their home, for teleworking for example.

How much does it cost ?

Two models are available, one which measures 2.43 mx 3 m, priced at € 7,266, and the second, with a stage measuring 3 mx 5.70, for a price of € 12,589. If the first offers the minimum living, the second allows to include a kitchen area, a queen-size bed (160 x 200), and a bathroom area. It also benefits from a small porch at the front, doors made in France, double glazing and a shingled roof.

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What are the regulations in France?

Tiny-house regulations differ from country to country. In France, everything will depend on the surface area built to obtain the necessary authorizations. Find out more from the town planning department, some towns still refuse tiny houses as living quarters … On the other hand, considering it as a garden shed, things should be simpler.

Concretely, a construction of less than 5 m² of footprint and less than 12 m high does not require any prior request. For a garden shed or a tiny house of less than 20m², you will need to make a prior declaration of work at the town hall… And if your tiny measures more than 20m², then it will be a building permit that must be obtained… Attention , be sure to respect the town planning rules! The town hall can quite oblige you to destroy any unauthorized or unreported construction.