October 16, 2021

Olivier Giroud discovers his catastrophic rating on FIFA 22 and reacts with humor

Like every year, since the launch in 2012 of its online mode called Ultimate Team, the game FIFA is in the process of unveiling the statistics of the flagship players of the future game, in this case FIFA 22. If PSG players are doing well on their scores, from Lionel Messi and his 93 out of 99 to Neymar Jr. and Kylian Mbappé and their 91 out of 99, this is not necessarily the case for everyone. The first note to be talked about is that of Cristiano Ronaldo, down to “only” 91, which scandalized fans of the Portuguese. They felt that he did not deserve to be rated lower than his lifelong rival, Lionel Messi. But other top players have been far worse off.

This is the case of Olivier Giroud, current World Champion with the France team and striker for AC Milan. His mixed season, his relegation to the bench during Euro 2021 because of the return of Karim Benzema … The potential reasons for this drop in score are multiple. Because if his overall score rises to a correct 79 out of 99, it is indeed that of his speed that made the native of Chambéry cringe: a shy 39 out of 99. Olivier Giroud thus wisely shared his disappointment in a video posted to AC Milan’s YouTube channel, which offered fans to see five of the team’s players react to their stats on the next one FIFA. Olivier Giroud, the last player in the video to discover his rating, hardly contained his embarrassment by discovering this modest score. “Even my son doesn’t have 39 speed,” said the striker in Italian, showing a self-deprecation that made his team-mates laugh heartily and kept him from losing face, even though he then preferred to hide his figures from the field of the camera. “Voila, it’s better like that,” he concluded, turning his card against his chest. The sequence starts at 2:32.