October 16, 2021

The price of the iPhone 13 will piss off a lot of people

About ten days ago, information on the price of the iPhone 13 indicated that it would be identical to that of the iPhone 12, whatever the model. Whether the customer opts for the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, he would have to pay the same amount as those who bought the equivalent models in iPhone 12: respectively (from) 809, 909, 1149 and 1259 euros. This was both good news since many thought that Apple would increase the price of its star smartphones but it is also bad news because, for some models like the iPhone 13 Pro, we could expect an increase. storage capacity for the same price. Which obviously will not be the case. But there is ultimately worse: the price could eventually increase.

The information was relayed by MacRumors which explains why the price of iPhone 13 could be higher than forecast because of the firm TSMC. The Taiwanese chipmaker has indicated that manufacturing its high-end chips will be charged 20% more. This would inevitably have an impact on the price of smartphones, especially those of Apple, TSMC’s biggest customer. MacRumors explains that the increase in chip prices would be effective from January 2022, which can give hope for an unchanged price for the iPhone 13 which will be presented in mid-September 2021 and will be released a few days later. Except that Apple could anticipate this increase by slightly modifying the price of these new phones, between 3 and 5% estimates MacRumors. For prices ranging from 809 to 1,259 euros, those current for the iPhone 12 and those therefore envisaged for the iPhone 13, this would represent 24 to 37 euros more to pay for the customer in the event of a 3% price increase, and between 40 and 62 euros for a price increase of 5%. It is anything but neutral. Even if it could have been still: if Apple passed on the 20% hike that is expected to be practiced by TSMC in January 2022, it would be total drama for customers.