October 16, 2021

2 boosted foldable smartphones, an improved watch, lower prices, but no surprises

Leisure or teleworking? Unveiled during a fairly complex virtual event (no physical conference, or even live broadcast, but a platform with multiple entries, very secure and accessible for a few days to the press) the novelties of the 2021 re-entry of the world leader Samsung are available along two very distinct axes. The brand’s two foldable smartphones, presented at the very end of a short video, attest to this:

On the one hand, the latest version of the brand’s super foldable smartphone and showcase: the Galaxy Z Fold3, soberly cut for the nomadic worker that we do not fail to be, a device available in very “office” tones and matte finish with the goal, often repeated, of “maximizing” our productivity. And on the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G with its lavender, olive, cream, black colors… and even pink, white and gray via the brand’s website. A pretty square look with a very iconic clamshell, with the possibility of matching its front screen to your watch. In short, a decidedly “fun” device for our leisure time.

Solid and styluses

For the mobile worker … the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with stylus holder

The return of the “Totally spies” flip phone

That said, both have it under the hood and are even enriched with extended features. This proves – for those who still doubt it – that the foldable has found its audience and that the pioneer of the genre intends to remain the leader in this market. It should therefore be noted that the main screen of both devices is equipped with a new protective film (it seems) 80% more resistant than on the old models and that this Z series is for the first time certified IPX8, the index le higher in waterproofing. When we remember Samsung’s original setbacks with the first model of its kind, we suspect that this certification sounds like revenge.

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Question solidity, always, the new foldables are equipped for the outside of a new material called “Armor Aluminum”, that is to say “The hardest material ever used on a smartphone” and a “gorilla glass victus” glass 50% more resistant than the old one. The whole thing, drum roll, without weighing down the cam since the Z Fold3 gains in passing 11 grams of lightness.

Have style according to Samsung: the very colorful clamshell models of the Galaxy Z Fold3

Have style according to Samsung: the very colorful clamshell models of the Galaxy Z Fold3

As expected, lower prices at the rendezvous

For these beautiful machines to work, they obviously have a processor up to the task: a Snapdragon 888, engraved at 5 nanometers and 5G compatible. The two devices, a strong point for gamers and video, have a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Finally, for those who regret the abandonment by the manufacturer of the Note range, the Korean makes the Z Fold3 compatible with two options of styli, including a “pro” to… stay productive.

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We know that our productivity comes at a price. Yet had been mentioned here and there on the Web of significant price reductions. Bingo! The Galaxy Z Fold3 is priced at 1,599 euros while its half-brother, the Z Flip3, is sold at 1,049 euros. For the record, the Galaxy Z Fold2 was launched at 2,020 euros in Europe. We can obviously not speak of a democratization of the collapsible machine, but the effort is there.

A “feel good” watch

Another expectation of aficionados of the Korean brand, the rise of the models of its connected watch is also at the rendezvous. Samsung even started this “Unpacked 2021” event with the wrist by presenting the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic. Always with this desire to distinguish between leisure and work style. On the program, a customizable screen “In all shades” and a look « feel good » for the first model, sobriety and austerity for the second. But we will especially note, in addition to the proposal of more than a hundred fitness exercises, an increase in power of this series in terms of health and well-being.

The Galaxy Watch4: a holistic health experience ...

The Galaxy Watch4: a holistic health experience …

The brand even evokes “A holistic health experience”. Clearly, since everyone has their own conception of “good health”, we are offered several ways of measuring it: weight loss, muscle gain, amount of fat, water retention … Finally, and it is a heavy As a market trend, our sleep can be analyzed with, in particular, a snoring tracker and the establishment of a “sleep score” to improve its quality.
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Chinese Xiaomi at the cleat

For the more technical part, we will appreciate the full recharge in 2 hours and the autonomy of 40 hours of the battery, but especially a more intimate connection with his smartphone and his headphones. Like the ability to take or reject calls with a flick of the wrist. Available from August 27, these two watches also show lower prices, i.e. 269 euros (from) for the 40mm Watch4, and 369 euros for the 42mm Watch4 Classic.

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Buds 2

Buds 2

We understand, headphones complete the device. Color lavender, olive, white, black … they look like little eggs to slip into the hollow of the ear and allow, announced the manufacturer, an active noise reduction to 98%, but also to choose the level of what we want to hear. They will also be available from August 28 at a price of 149 euros.

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With these four main announcements, which for the most part had already filtered on certain sites, the Korean hardly surprises but seems to build a solid base around devices which many, at the time of their release, were not expensive. In addition, it is at the price level that an undeniable effort is made, especially at the top of the range. The conquest of the market, in all segments, by the Chinese Xiaomi, which has made itself known for its ultra-competitive prices and is now closely behind the Korean giant, is undoubtedly not unrelated to it.