November 28, 2021

La Roche-sur-Yon: four shops, a gym and a bar on the roof … of the old town hall

From rue Clemenceau, residents of Yonnais can access the shops and the gym through the Town Hall Garden. © Citrim ‘

Since January 2019, theformer town hall of La Roche-sur-Yon almost fell into oblivion. Its facade covered with a multicolored tarpaulin even ended up imposing itself in the landscape. To the point of having become an attraction, a landmark in the city center.

But behind the tarpaulin, the mutation of one of the most famous buildings in La Roche-sur-Yon is progressing. After seeing his building permit validated, the Cholet group Oréas unrolls its calendar and reveals some plans made by the Yonnais architects firm 6.k by Sica. Point…

“Preserve the historic building”

The idea: the program plans to “conserve the historic building from the XIXe century and demolish the part built in the 1970s to build a new extension instead, with large glazed surfaces, ”says Olivier Vincenot, director of Oreas. The investor is used to this kind of operation. The Choletais is, among others, known for having transformed the old theater of the capital of Mauges into a hotel and cultural passage.

On the ground floor: on the Place Napoléon side, the City, owner of the historic part, but which has granted a construction lease to Oréas for 48 years, plans to house the tourist office, the Maison des Nations and Europe direct.

No Zara at La Roche

Three shops: still on the ground floor, three commercial units will occupy 570 m2. History to put an end to the rumors, “Zara will not come to La Roche-sur-Yon, clarifies Olivier Vincenot. I regret it, but medium-sized towns are not part of their deployment strategy ”.

The idea of ​​creating a passage between Place Napoléon and the Town Hall Garden has also been forgotten. “We can see that the passages or galleries are no longer successful,” says the promoter. He therefore prefers to occupy the entire space with signs linked to personal or household equipment. With windows overlooking rue Clemenceau and the garden.

Upstairs: a 380 m sports hall2 will occupy a large place in the upper part. The room should also occupy the floor of the glazed extension. We must expect to see a new player tumble. “It will not be a known sign in La Roche-sur-Yon,” warns the Choletais.

Next to it, a new commercial unit will emerge. “Two options are available to us: either we favor a service activity linked to the ground floor, or we focus on complementarity with the fitness room. Discussions are ongoing. “

Le Grand Caf ‘on the roof of La Roche

The rooftop: on the roof of the historic part, on the rue Clemenceau and place Napoléon side, Basile Gaudin, owner of the Grand Caf ‘, has been appointed to manage the future cocktail bar installed over 120 m2. “The offer will be complementary and different from that of the brewery”, warns Olivier Vincenot who wants an establishment open all year round. 70 to 80 places will be set up and eight to twelve people will run the store.

In the glasses, “we will move towards a sophisticated cocktail store”, details the boss of the future rooftop. In the plate, priority will be given to “tapas, with sweet or savory cuisine”. A DJ will complete the team. “We want to create a new musical atmosphere that is inspired a bit by what we did with the Chill terraces of the Grand Caf ‘in July-August. But this time in a more extensive and recurring way. “

Calendar: as for the work in the museum, the work will be launched in the spring of 2022 and will begin with the demolition of the glass extension. The end of the work is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

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