November 30, 2021

LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for this Wednesday, November 17

Zinedine Ferhat should be absent on Saturday against Quevilly (Photo Anthony Maurin).

Like every day, from Monday to Friday, discover the essentials of the Gard sport news in a few infos.

Olympic Nimes

An indomitable lion in training. There was a new face this morning at the Bastide. The Cameroonian international Adolphe Teikeu (31 years old, 1.89 m) participated in the training of the Crocodiles. The former Sochalien defender, who arrived in Nîmes last Thursday, is currently without a contract after visits to Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey last season. The indomitable lion (African champion of nations in 2017) had put his bags in the Doubs from 2015 to 2018 before coming back and then leaving last season to try his luck in Turkish D2. At Nîmes Olympique, we don’t want to talk about testing but rather about “assess him physically and medically”. This central back is still evolving in a sector where Nîmes Olympique remains deprived of experience with the convalescence of Briançon and Martinez. To be continued…

A 4-4-2 against QRM? 23 players participated in this morning’s training session. This allowed the staff of the NO to organize an opposition. The establishment proposed this Wednesday a team of holders in a 4-4-2 system. This eleven was arranged as follows: Bratveit – Burner, Ueda, Guessoum, Paquiez – Benrahou, Ponceau, Fomba, Eliasson – Koné, Omarsson. Opposite, the yellow chasubles were also aligned in 4-4-2 with Dias – Pontet, Teikeu, Philibert, Zaidan (then El Ftouhi) – Sainte-Luce, Sarr, Valerio, Delpech – Doucouré, Aribi. In the end, the “holders” won thanks to a goal from Burner, who started from the midfielder after stealing the ball from Sainte-Luce and who entered the penalty area to deceive Dias.

Ferhat still forfeit? Zinedine Ferhat, whose contract will end next June, is really having a complicated start to the season in Nîmes. After his departure finally canceled this summer, and less convincing performances than last year, the Algerian did not train this morning. The Algerian international felt pain in his thigh during Tuesday’s session. Remained in care this morning, his participation in Saturday’s match against Quevilly-Rouen (7 p.m.) is therefore compromised. The galley continues for the former Havre who has only played seven games (including four as the holder) since the start of the season.

Bayod behind the supporters. Passed by Nîmes Olympique between 2007 and 2010, the former midfielder Nicolas Bayod today far from the Gard continues to follow the news of the Crocs. This Saturday, he will not be able to be present at the Maison Carrée for the mobilization organized by the supporters’ associations. “I will make a little video for them to show them my support, he explains. I have nothing personal against the current leaders and I am aware that at the time when I was playing everything was not perfect. But I understand the fans’ current concerns. Following things from afar, I have the feeling that things are not going in the right direction at the moment at Nîmes Olympique. I am thinking in particular of the training. And when I see the stadium of Costières empty at the moment, I also find that worrying for the sporting aspect “, reacted the former midfielder.

Table tennis

The stunning Nîmes. They were frankly badly engaged. Led 2-0 by Quevilly, this Tuesday in Pablo-Neruda, the table tennis players of the ASPCN were stunning to finally win (3/2). It was the young Lucie Mobarek (N ° 90), 17, who revived the Nîmes by winning three rounds to one over Anaïs Salpin (N ° 53). Completely beside his pumps in his first match, Min Hyung Jee (n ° 32) displayed a completely different face in the second rotation to take the best of Pauline Chasselin (n ° 22). “Min’s hand hit the table hard during the first set, rewinds the president-physiotherapist, Alain Lauferon. The bleeding had to be stopped and she finally resumed the game with a big bruise. This injury shocked her as she then won three sets to nothing. “ Everything then rested on the shoulders of Rachel Moret, mentally failing during her last games. “In her first game she was two innings ahead and broke down as she broke away in the third and fourth sets”, says Alain Lauferon. This time, the Swiss (n ° 32) does not tremble and offers a very high level game to beat Li Sansom (n ° 17) (3-1). The Nîmes can savor: they have their first success of the season there and are back in 8th place in the standings, just ahead of their evening opponents.