November 27, 2021

Kimberly Loaiza dances and moves her hips Shakira style – Marseille News

Kimberly Loaiza dances and moves her hips Shakira style | Instagram

Thanks to a video shared by Kimberly Loaiza recently, some fans immediately remembered the famous Colombian singer Shakira with a few movements of her crazy hips.

As you know it Kimberly Loaïza and Juan de Dios Pantoja, are a famous couple of content creators who continually share photos and videos on their social networks, despite this, it is Kima and Juanito’s mother who surpasses her husband in popularity.

As happened in one of her most recent videos on the Tiktok app, where she was making a dynamic with one of the audios you’ll find on the famous platform, she was happy because she was finally out, however she asked for their kindness to corroborate.

Kim Loaiza starts by moving her hips a bit, and her narrow waist immediately becomes the protagonist, not least because of the casual outfit she wore since she had a black crop top and gray pants at the waist.

Kimberly Loaiza dances and moves her hips Shakira style | Instagram kimberly.loaiza

This movement is one of the basic steps of oriental dance, the well-known Arabic dance which has become popular thanks to Shakira who for years has tended to include a few steps in her presentations and videos.

If you are an admirer of the Colombian woman, you will get an idea of ​​when she started to dance this flirtatious dance, it was in her official “Eyes like this” video where we saw her move her hips for the first time. times in 1998.

Now any artist or internet celebrity as he is Kimberly Loaïza Doing these types of movements immediately is associated with Shakira who gave belly dancing a name.


Note that this is not the only movement she makes, because then she opens one of her legs to the side and little by little Stefanny Loaiza’s older sister begins to bring her leg together by making the same hip movement.

Two days ago this video was posted on his Tiktok account, in such a short time he already has over a million 300 thousand hearts and in terms of comments they exceed 25.2 thousand, in terms of reproductions likewise, it has more than 8.3 million.

Kimberly currently surpasses 53.4 million subscribers on Tiktok, so far he is among the top spots in the global top 50 with the most subscribers in the app in Mexico, there is no one who beats him.