November 29, 2021

Karine Le Marchand finally renounces the grant of 117,460 euros from the Paca region

In front of the “bad buzz”, Karine Le Marchand backpedal. The host of “L’Amour est dans le pré” announced yesterday, in a video posted on Instagram, to give up the 117,460 euros of subsidy that she was to receive from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (Paca) for renovate a house in Aix that she has just acquired.

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“117,000 euros from the Paca region”

It all started with an article published by the online investigative journal “Marsactu”. On October 22, a journalist from the Marseille editorial office revealed that “to renovate her house, Karine Le Marchand was going to take a check for 117,000 euros from the Paca region”.

A subsidy, submitted to the votes of the members of the standing committee on October 28, in exchange for which President Potiche prod had to commit to carrying out an educational energy renovation project and especially to promote it on her social networks. “Light counterparts“in the eyes of the newspaper.

In short, the renovation of Karine Le Marchand’s house is of public interest in the eyes of the region“, analyzes the journalist, who adds that no detail of the convention is brought to the attention of elected officials who must yet decide.”And yet, according to our information, it is indeed a set of studies prior to the renovation, and in particular the assistance of an architect, which will be financed thanks to the region.“, added the article.

“I am used by journalists”

I do not charge my house by the region, nor my parquet, nor the work, nor the electricity, do not worry“, replied to” Marsactu “Karine Le Marchand, of which, another notable fact highlighted by the investigation, the new status of ambassador of the region is not mentioned anywhere. “focus“on its networks.