November 30, 2021

Jennifer Lopez and her diva mania going to the bathroom, is it strange? – Marseille News

Jennifer Lopez, they say, has a curious habit when going to the bathroom | Instagram

Recently news was shared that maybe not many people knew and it is that Jennifer Lopez, as they say, has a certain mania going to the bathroom Like everyone else, but being a diva, the service staff are probably a little upset with JLo’s requests.

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez The famous actress and singer of Puerto Rican origin demands some of her appearances on international tours and concerts.

This type of request could not be absent when attending a new place where the performer of “On The Floor” will make presentations accompanied by a spectacular show, as they usually do.

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Without a doubt, something that could not miss for the current girlfriend of Ben Affleck is the details of the rooms where she is staying, it is said that one of the specific requirements is the bathroom.

The place where anyone would go, for Jennifer Lopez they have to be perfect and she sure doesn’t skimp on the prices, since she has them and more.

It is said that the bathroom in the bedroom actress In addition to being completely clean, he must have a completely new toilet, as well as the decoration of the bathroom, the curious thing is that within the framework of the requirements he also asks for a specific brand of toilet paper.

Jennifer Lopez, they say, has a curious habit when going to the bathroom | PA

Surely more than a celebrity of the stature of JLo will have made a particular request, as with Beyoncé, for her part, the protagonist of Hustlers requires to use only Haneshibo paper, which, as can be seen in her name, is of Japanese descent.

In addition to the specific brand of paper that we should also find in the premises of the production equipment of Jennifer Lopez.

Continuing the demands of the singer and star of Marry Me, her upcoming film starring Owen Wilson and Maluma, which will be released soon, she also enjoys relaxing her body in a mineral water tub.

This helps the Bronxs Diva’s skin to have it more hydrated and glowing, not being the only celebrity who tends to ask for this sparkling liquid, it seems that it has become a trend among Hollywood stars.

Like these demands, the famous pop star will surely have more as her success continues to grow, and will surely continue to do so.