November 30, 2021

Jean-Marie Le Pen finally prefers his daughter to Zemmour, “not up to the task”

POLICY – “He is not up to the occasion”. Four days after the disputed arrival of Eric Zemmour from all sides in front of the Bataclan to attack, on the scene of the attacks, François Hollande’s record in terms of terrorism, it is Jean-Marie Le Pen who comes – without citing this event – to attack directly the strategy of the one whom he nevertheless considered a few weeks ago as his spiritual son.

“It’s starting to grow … He will soon have a Luciferian tail and split feet, too!”, Laughed the patriarch in the columns of the World, October 2. The founder of the National Front then said that he would support the presidential election “best placed” between his daughter Marine Le Pen and the far-right troublemaker from journalism, leaving the game open.

This November 17, Jean-Marie Le Pen seems to have already changed his mind. In the columns of Telegram, the Menhir, from its manor in Saint-Cloud, observes the political landscape as often. “I had foreseen that Eric, whom I like, was going to experience a ceiling”, he recalls while noting that “the media gave him a tremendous echo”.

After a slight downturn in the polls and a month of October marked by multiple attacks against the one who predicts a civil war and who rehabilitates Pétain, starting with the descendants of General de Gaulle, Eric Zemmour seems to be marking time. A moment that did not escape Le Pen father.

“Politics is a difficult job to learn. As a journalist, he could choose his targets. He was the one you don’t shoot at. There, he will take hits and he is probably not prepared. It is not up to the event, ”points out the Breton in the columns of the regional daily.

And to support, once is not custom, his daughter to wear the shoe in this competition. “Marine, she still has a certain job. She has suffered cruel setbacks and she is able to face them better, ”he said, before predicting Zemmour to take on the role of second. “Courageous statements won him this astonishing rise, but he burned his cards without realizing it. If Marine comes out on top in the first round, she will benefit from the votes of her right-wing opponents. Zemmour will have sounded the alert. But the top (platform on boat in the middle of the mast, editor’s note) is a dangerous position. I spent part of my life there and I survived! ”, He quips, predicting at the same time a failure of Eric Zemmour to become president.

In this interview, Jean-Marie Le Pen finally sends a satisfecit to the Republicans for their debates. “I thought I heard ‘Le Pen was right’,” he laughs. This is enough to feed the next one that will take place on CNews Sunday, November 21.

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