November 28, 2021

Internet users regret the closure of Zoowoman, the site to watch cult films – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Between the lines

It has been reported that the platform Zoowoman, which contained cult movies Mexican cinema and other countries, has been closed.

With the caption of “the cinema is dead”, users have reported on various social networks that the Zoowoman platform had been closed.

In other words, it was no longer accessible to see cult movies which on many occasions are difficult to obtain either because of the year they were created or because of their straightforward content.


In quarantine, Zoomwoman was one of the favorite platforms to enjoy cult movies

In fact, when the pandemic quarantine began, Zoomfemme It was one of the recommended platforms for watching cult movies.

On the Zoomwoman platform which today was closed, there were rare films, even less promoted from Asia and even Africa.

Among the contents of cult movies that could be seen in Zoomwoman before it closed were genres such as:

Martial ArtsSpace AdventureLiterature Classics70s MoviesShakespeare MoviesAliensMovie FestivalsRecognized Directors1900 Movies

Likewise, Zoomwoman also had several shorts that were praised at the time by audiences and some critics, although their reception was not so good.


It is not known why Zoomwoman was shut down

At the moment, the reasons why Zoomfemme, cult movies platform whose content can be enjoyed without registration, was given closed

While some moviegoers have enjoyed the cult films on Zoomwoman, they still hope this is just a bug on the website.

However, after not reporting what happened with Zoomwoman cinema platform, many users claim that the cultural loss due to the amount of tapes that could be seen there has been invaluable.

As happened with the fall of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram signed up on October 4 worldwide.

So far, some moviegoers have shared some of their films favorites worship which, at the time, they could take advantage of thanks to the Zoomwoman platform.

Source : SDP