November 29, 2021

“Inflation allowance”: Emmanuel Macron defends his refusal to lower fuel taxes

STATEMENT – President Emmanuel Macron blasted this Friday “those who tell us that we should go much harder on the climate, but who, as soon as fuel prices increase, want to lower taxes”.

Traveling to Brussels this Friday for a European summit, Emmanuel Macron returned to the establishment of the“inflation compensation” of 100 euros that 38 million French people will receive in the coming months to fight against the rise in fuel prices. Asked about his choice of a check rather than a reduction in taxes, as demanded by several presidential candidates, the head of state justified his decision in several points.

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Soaring energy prices

“Manipulating VAT is not possible in European law”, first indicated the President of the Republic. “We are in the European average for fuel taxes, and it costs a lot more” it is up to the state to lower them than to compensate part of the population, continued Emmanuel Macron. “Anyone who calls for wisdom in terms of public finances would be well advised to look at how much this drop is costing.”

“What the government has decided is fairer and better targeted” than a reduction in taxes

The Head of State also regretted that this opposition proposal was “untargeted”. “When you lower fuel taxes, you lower them for everyone”, he recalled. “I consider that what the government has decided is fairer and better targeted. If we want to support purchasing power, it is better to have a more targeted instrument than a general instrument.”

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Finally, the President of the Republic believes that a reduction in fuel taxes would be contrary to the country’s ecological ambitions. “It wouldn’t be very consistent”, he hammered. “I am surprised to see people who tell us that we should go much faster and harder on the climate, with the consequence of increasing the prices of fossil fuels, and who, as soon as these prices increase, tell us that ‘taxes must be lowered. “

In addition, Emmanuel Macron warns that prices at the pump will go “stay high for the next few months”. “We are moving towards an increase in fossil fuels, so we must support the most modest, and in particular our compatriots who work and need to travel”, concluded the Head of State. “It is important to continue to think about these support mechanisms for our compatriots, in particular by helping them to re-equip themselves. The best way to resolve this crisis is to intensify the policy of assisting the transition that we are leading. . “

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